Discovery Tour PASS – Four Sites, One Price (And more!)

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This is a great deal for everyone if you are looking to check out our local sites.

For one price you can visit the Huronia Museum, the Wye Marsh, The Keewatin and The Martyrs’ Shrine. Also included in this amazing pass is a 50% coupon for Saint Marie Among the Hurons and Discovery Harbour! You will also find a coupon for a free dessert with purchase at the Boathouse Restaurant at the Midland Town Dock!

Adults: $34.95. Children 15 years of age and under admitted FREE with an accompanying adult.

Each Discovery Tour PASS is valid for one admission to each site.

Use anytime the site is open during its 2015 Season. Buy your passes at the Huronia Museum or through our online store!
The Huronia Museum is open 7 days a week from 9-5.

Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – July 8th to 15th 1955

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     A. “Deen” McGill was only a teenager 45 years ago when he drove his father’s model “T” to Toronto and back in June of 1910. His father, Dr. H. R. McGill who practised in Elmvale and Hillsdale before coming to Midland bought the car from the late J. C. McMurtry who actually was a grocer but had the Ford franchise on the side, later establishing a garage of his own. There were no highways at that time, no 12, 27 or 11 and the existing roads were gravel or sand all the way to Toronto. Starting at 7 A.M. the first stop was Faragher’s Hotel in Waverly where Deen dutifully drained the hot water from the radiator, refilled it and checked the oil. In 1910 it was standard practise to add a quart of oil for every five gallons of gas used. Gas was 20 cents a gallon. The Ford got around 20 miles to the gallon and averaged 18-20 miles per hour, thirty was tops in those days. Next stop was Hillsdale where the ladies visited Frawley’s Store, one of the district’s largest. It was nearly 10 A.M. when the Midland tourists pulled up in front of the Queen’s Hotel in Barrie. Here Deen included cleaning the four spark plugs as part of his maintenance routine. Then to Bradford and Holland Landing where a toll road was encountered. Charges were ten cents for cars, five for horse and buggy and one cent for bicycles. Aurora and Richmond Hill then down Yonge Street turning at College and going over to their destination at Broadview and Girard, arrival time, one P.M. “We used to figure 6 hours to Toronto including stops,” said Deen. The return trip the next day was also uneventful, no breakdowns, no flat tires. Dr. McGill later sold the car and bought a horse and buggy but in 1913 purchased another new Ford.

  •  The water shutoff threatened last week in Penetang saw Water & Light employees roving the town after 9 o’clock Friday night and shutting off service to ten customers. Besides the penalties violators had to pay a fee to have their water restored.
  • Pete Lepage reports both freight and passenger business on the Penetang 88 is double that of last year – ship to shore telephone recently installed has been used to great advantage
  • Penetang native W. Neville Keefe appointed general manager of the recently formed Georgian Bay Development Association, representing fifty municipalities around the Bay
  • More than 1,000 Slovaks make Shrine pilgrimage Sunday
  • Les Marsell playing golf with Joe Wilkie on the second hole at Midland Golf & Country Club was unable to find his ball, lost in the setting sunlight, after hunting in vain it was found in the hole, his second ace on the course
  • 10 years ago, American tourists coming to Midland shopped mainly for china, shoes, perfume and meat which were more easily obtained in Canada
  • Letter to the editor; How many official tourist information bureaus. I notice the Chamber of Commerce operates one which is supposed to serve the area but on the western entrance to town, outside a dance hall operated by the mayor, is a sign saying “Official Information” and then there is another in front of the Georgian Hotel proclaiming “Official Tourist Information”, very confusing, signed TORONTONIAN
  • Graduates of the Lafontaine Continuation School are Viviane Marchildon, daughter of Achille Marchildon and Leo Marion, son of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Marion
  • New dress code at MPDHS, skirts & blouses or dresses for the girls and dress pants and shirt for the boys
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ellery, lifelong residents of Wyebridge, celebrate 60 years of marriage. For many years Mr. Ellery operated a blacksmith’s shop in the village and later was one of the district’s leading bee keepers. Mrs Ellery, nee Mary Celesta Edwards and Sam were childhood sweethearts who went to school and grew up together in Wyebridge
  • Representing North Simcoe at a meeting of the Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society were A. G. Calvert, G. E. Hurl and Ralph Dalton. Miss D. Jackson presented the field report, 505 children in care compared to 471 in 1954, an average of 70 to 80 per case worker. Most children were in foster care
  • S.S. No 18 Tay (I believe this would be Moore’s Corner school on the sixth) exam results; grade 1 to 2, Jennifer Bumstead, Mary Burnie, Sharon Rumney, Rodney Sallows; 2 to 3, Judy Bumstead, John Holm, Allen Mount; 3 to 4, Wanda Russell; 4 to 5, Eleanor Holm, Neal Mount, Shirley Sallows; 5 to 6, Eldon Irish, Karen Sallows, Sharon Sallows, Brian Webb; 6 to 7, Mary Holm, Maizie Mount, John Russell, Garnet Sallows; 7 to 8, Shirley Holm, Tom Smith; 8 to 9, Victor Irish, Karen Robinson, Wayne Sallows. 
  • Whipper Billy Watson and Gil Mains battle the hated Kalmikoff brothers in the pro wrestling matches held at the Arena Gardens
  • In 1909, before Camp Kitchikawana, the Midland Y had a joint camp with the Orillia YMCA at Lehmann’s Point on Lake Couchiching. Norville E. Luck was general secretary of the Y in those days, he also ran the store at Paradise Point
  • New Canadian Angelo Anest, 20, drowns at Balm Beach. Angelo came to Canada in 1952, was employed by Jim Deakos at the Diana Restaurant and was living with his aunt, Mrs. Katherine Anest at 320 Queen Street
  • Jim Anderson of the county health service was quoted as saying; “it is difficult to justify preventative health care based on the North American tradition that if you can’t see it, eat it, feel it or re-sell it for a profit, you’re a sucker to pay for it. Supporting a public health service,” he said, “is paying for troubles you don’t have, rather than for those you do.”
  • University of Western Ontario’s summer school of Indian archaeology is making Fort Penetanguishene’s Officer’s Quarters it base for this season while working on the Forget site at Wyebridge
  • Orr’s Jewellers is selling the new Motorola portable radio for $49.95 including a free beach towel valued at $2.50 (batteries not included)
  • Car raffle won by Montcalm Forget nets the Penetang rink and hospital funds $1,000.00 each
  • Simcoe County Health Unit now the largest in the province with a staff of 39 and a budget of just over $160,000.00

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2006 0020 1309

Everyone is talking about the weather and this thermometer under an awning and on the shady side of King Street in front of Hartman’s Hardware read ninety degrees by mid afternoon Friday. Two Toronto visitors, Miss Anne Middleton and Mrs. W. Mortimer check it out.

2006 0020 1243

On the stage of the Midland High School auditorium is this group of graduates from Sixth Street School Midland. They are from the grade eight class taught by James Robinson and are being honoured by the Midland Home & School Association.

Re: Grade 8 class of Sixth St. School. Darlene (Lowes) Rutherford listed the following names (to the best of her recollection):

Front Row: (Left to right) 1, Dave Crawford. 2, Lorraine Chapman. 3, L.D. Bowman. 4, Dave Bertrand 5, William Bates. 6, Ian Docherty, 7, Ernie Somers.
2nd Row: 8, Pauline Church. 9, Joanne Hansford. 10, Pamela Howard. 11, Marjorie Blythe. 12, Barb Nichols. 13, Janice Gilson. 14, Lynda Playne. 15, Frank O’Kenka.
3rd Row: 16, John Irvine. 17, Fay Haines. 18, Carol McConnell. 19, Carol Lawless. 20, Darlene Lowes. 21, Peggy Dion. 22, Betty Baker. 23, Doreen Argue.
4th Row: 24, Daniel Richardson. 25, Gail Kettle. 26, William Roberts. 27, Kay Lambie. 28, Bev Scott. 29, Patricia Steers. 30, Wayne Mohan. 31, William Swan. 32, William Wright. 33, Lawrence Wagner.

Missing from photo, Frank Koening, Isobel Stewart, John Barber and Don Quesnelle

2006 0020 1246

First students to enter the new high school, graduates of Morgan (Orson) Lewis’s grade eight class at Regent Public School are pictured during a commencement ceremony held at MHS and sponsored by the Home & School Association.

{We have the names as printed in the Free Press, we just need help to match them to the photo; Arlene Armstrong, Betty Barfield, John Bell, Orten Crawford, John Edwards, Carol Fox, Paul Gowette, George Haskill, Suzanne Lawson, Ingrid Maron, Bryson McQuirter, William Moss, John Nicholson, Mary Ann Nicholson, Pamela Perkins, Gail Webster and Diane Wilson, Dianne Campbell, Ann Chapman, Jack Cowan, John Daniells, Peter Davis, Donna Dempsey, Clinton Ellery, Clayton Gillett, Donald Green, Robert Logan, Beaulah Lyle, Robert Marchand, Kirk Morrisson, Ann Rankin, Ingeborg Schmidt, Ashton Tuck, Barry Vivian, James Wilcox and Henry Yee} For reference, front row left, #1 to 11, BACK row 12 to 22 and those in the middle 23 to 36. My cousin Geordie Haskill in the band uniform would be #29 and Mary Ann Nicholson 4th from the left in the back row would be #15

2006 0020 1245

Also grade eight grads from Regent School, taught by Mac Wilson.

{John Adamson, John Jacobson, Stanley Ligowski, Catherine McAllister, Douglas MacMillan, Betty Ann McCullough, Gwendolyn Paice, Keith Cleary, Betty Coombes, Harold Howe, Betty Ann McCuaig, Kenneth Mackie, Theo Rutherford, Robert Scott and Kenneth Wainman.} For reference front row left 1 to 3, middle row 4 to 8 and back row 9 to 14.

2006 0020 1257

Young girls getting a bit of swimming practice under the watchful eye of Judy DeNure and Jacqueline Palmer, assistant playground supervisors. This is part of the daily summer program at Little Lake Park and is their water safety training.

2006 0020 1261

Largest and smallest at the recent dog show in Midland, Bruno owned by Meredith Wilson and handled by John Wadge was the biggest and Tag owned and shown by Andrea Deschamps was the smallest.


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On August 22nd 2015, The Huronia Museum along with Midland BIA, theTown of Midland and Huronia Foundation for the Arts will be hosting a story telling festival. It will be known as the Pass-It-On Story telling festival. We are hoping it will become an annual event.

The Story telling will happen on two stages in Little Lake Park in Midland, and in our Huron Village at the Museum between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. The park will be closed to traffic for the day to allow people to move between the story-telling stages, musical entertainment all of our great vendors. This promises to be a great day of stories and entertainment from near and far for the entire family

The day of the event coincides with a day of celebrating art at ArtWalk in downtown Midland. A shuttle will be provided for those who would like transportation to and from Little Lake from the Downtown area.

Attached is a flyer that may be used to promote the event. If you wish I can also email a PDF version of the flyer. If you have any questions about the event, or would like to join us in telling a story or becoming a vendor please contact Jill Bremner, Bryan Piitz or Veronica Blanchette here at the Museum!


Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – July 1st to July 7th 1955

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   CFOR, Orillia radio station, ups its power, ad reads; “You’ll hear us better, We’ll be clearer, We’ll be stronger, It’s a more powerful, More Penetrating CFOR Dial 1570, going to 5,000 watts this Saturday July 2nd.”
Tune in for Midland Community Cavalcade 4:05 to 4:30 PM featuring Midland talent. Penetang Community Cavalcade 5:05 to 5:30 PM featuring Penetang talent. Hear Scotty Attridge with Midland Melodies daily at 11:30 to 12:00 noon.
   Little more than four hours after he had arrived in Midland for a holiday Monday night with his family George H. Preston, 51, of Chatham Ont. was struck and fatally injured by a motor car. A 23 year old Lindsay Street resident has been charged with criminal negligence and careless driving.
  Having walked to the Parkside Inn for a snack Mr. Preston, his wife and 9 year old son were walking in a westerly direction along Hwy 12, a continuation of Yonge Street on their way back to the Shamrock Motel when he was struck by a car passing another in the same direction.

   Midland Council gives formal approval to the construction of a new $160,000.00 town hall on the site of the former Central School. Entering the building by the main entrance off Dominion Ave. the visitor will be able to reach either of the two floors in the east wing by going up or down short flights of stairs. To the right, or west, is the main council chamber capable of seating between 200 and 224 persons. Starting from the southeast corner provision has been made on the top floor of the east wing for offices of the school inspector, Children’s Aid Society, the mayor, engineer, assessor and the municipal departments, as well as storage and washrooms. Plans for this floor also include a family court room. The council chamber will double as a court room. Housed on the ground floor of the east wing are the Chamber of Commerce offices, the police and fire departments, a band room and the boiler room. There will be room for the present two fire trucks and one more larger vehicle. Provision for six jail cells has been made including one for the lady guests.
  Total floor area will be 16,000 square feet at an estimated cost of $10.00 per square foot.
   Bulk Milk Hauling Plan Hits Local Producers – Bulk milk hauling introduced by Barrie’s Lakeview Dairy has cut off a number of North Simcoe producers. The dairy had 99 local suppliers, now the number has been reduced by two thirds. Only two suppliers in Vasey and one in Waverly are equipped to sell to the Barrie firm. Reeve Roy Hickling explained that under the bulk plan milk is picked up every second day in a truck that weighs 30 tons loaded, no individual cans are used. Each supplier has to spend about $2,500.00 for extra cooling equipment and will have to improve their farm lanes to handle the large milk truck and keep them plowed in the winter. Those cut off will be helped by the extra demand from tourists in July and August.

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2006 0020 1248

Two car accident, one of five in the area over the weekend, Hwy 12 near the Old Fort Road, station wagon driven by John Hartford of Port McNicoll and the car driven by Helen Butzer of 286 (308) Queen St. Injured was Roy Smith of 211 (233) King Street.
2006 0020 1242
Organized picnic for the sightless. Over one hundred blind persons from all over Simcoe County and their escorts attended a picnic in Little Lake Park on June 29th. Advisory committee members, Ed Broomfield, Orillia; A. H. Tweedle, Midland; Bill Murdock field secretary, Barrie; Art Pugh, Barrie; Jack Walton, Orillia; Lorne Ball, Victoria Harbour and Gilmour Nesbitt, Midland.
2006 0020 1250
“All dolled up and going places“ Midland Indians in their new uniforms, John Hill, Paul Dubeau, Murray Yorke, Dave Hart, Floyd McDermid, Jack Hendrikson, George Gouett, Jim Lemieux, J.B. Robitaille, Joe Faragher, Morley Shaw, “Buck” Rogers, Harold Jackson, manager, Herb Beauchamp and Bev Wilson. Bat boys, Bob Jackson and Kevin Rogers.
2006 0020 1256
American League Champions, Cleveland Indians, gather around their coach. Back row, Buzz Deschamp, Wayne Morrisson, Paul Crawford, John Armstrong and Bob Abbott. Front, Bob Hendrikson, Garnet Haines coach and Sheldon Haines team captain. Absent, Gary Keeler, Frank Koening and William Offord.
2006 0020 1244
Senior boy and girl merit awards were presented by the Midland Home & School Association before a capacity crowd in the Midland District High School auditorium. Presented by Mrs. Allan Perkins, past president of the association. Mary Ann Nicholson, Regent School, Carol Ann McConnell, Sixth Street School, George Haskill Jr., Regent School and Frank Okenka, Sixth Street.
2006 0020 1251
First internment in the Union Cemetery in Victoria Harbour is recorded on this stone in the Stewart family plot. Made in 1880, it was Joseph Stewart, nine year old son of Mr. & Mrs. David Stewart. Board secretary Lorne Ball and Chairman Alvin Crooke examine the grave stone.

  • Lad falls 25 feet onto rocks, Bjorn Pettersen, 11, son of Mr. & Mrs. Pete Pettersen fell from a diving tower in Penetang Bay and was taken to the local hospital, none of his injuries were serious
  • County Council approves use of old Penetang Hospital as a home for the aged, work to begin soon (Georgian Manor)
  • Indian Village sees 1,500 visitors over the holiday weekend
  • City dwellers seek escape from heat, temperatures in the 90’s brought record numbers of tourist to North Simcoe over the holiday weekend, on Sunday alone 1,863 cars entered Little Lake Park, all accommodations were full
  • A record crowd attended the eighth annual regatta in Waubaushene July 1st sponsored by the Waubaushene Chamber of Commerce
  • William Pheasant launches a new supply boat on the lower Severn River, there has been no such service for several seasons although Bush’s Boat Livery provided periodic service. In the past White’s of White’s Fall and Alf Brodeur operated supply boats on the river
  • 25 years ago – a new service station at King and Bay Streets had been opened. J. L. Craighead was the manager
  • All public and separate school promotions from both Penetang, Midland, Port, Waubaushene and Victoria Harbour were listed in the July 6th Free Press, congratulations Donny Hurlbut who passed from kindergarten to grade one
  • ConductorHarry Norton, a native of Penetang, ends his 44 year career with the CNR as he completes his final run from Allandale to Penetang
  • Wed fifty years – Mr. & Mrs. Ida Quesnelle, Penetang, both born on farms in Tiny Twp, lived most of their lives on a farm near MacIlvalley school. Three sons, Joseph, Romeo, and Roger, five daughters, Mrs. Art Bellisle, Mrs. Lionel Marchildon, Mrs. A Pilon, Mrs. Alex Cusson and Miss Loretta.
  • Plan to double the capacity of Midland Industries Limited new manager Archie Hyatt reveals, currently employs 55, that number will increase with expansion
  • Three year old Lafontaine child swallows a bottle of Aspirin tablets and survives after having stomach pumped. Dr. Mackenzie attributes the recently eaten meal in her stomach for preventing the pills from dissolving too quickly
  • Meredith Vasey, esteemed Port McNicoll merchant, son of Mr. & Mrs. William Vasey, Medonte pioneers, dies at the age of 61. Survived by his wife Mabel Fagan and son Lennox
  • Old swimming hole at the Red Dock gets a facelift with a new float and diving tower plus dressing rooms and toilets
  • Comic strips in the Free Press in July – Blondie, Pogo, Muggs and Skeeter, Elsworth
  • Notice – Open this Weekend – Swann’s Garage and Henry Laurin’s Shell Service Station, Hugel Ave West, Phone 583J
  • Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Rawn, Wyebridge, owners of the Wyebridge General Store, retired July 1st after operating the store for 20 years. The business has been sold to Mr. & Mrs. John O’Mally, recently from Temagami
  • Announcement – Dr. Ike T. Weldon wishes to announce that he can be reached at his summer cottage for emergency and night calls during July and August. Phone Midland 628J1
  • Use the right bait to catch the Big Ones, lures and live bait, Johnstone’s basement store
  • Ulmique Fur Processors Limited Penetang advertising Davey Crockett Caps and Shoes, also free estimates on fur coats given in your home by our expert Bob Voorzanger. Phone Midland 1646W or Penetang 391 and he will visit you without obligation on your part
  • A special train of Hamilton pilgrims visited Martyr’s Shrine Sunday. They were greeted at Shrine Station by Rev. John F. McCaffrey, S. J. director of the Shrine

  2006 0020 1260
Well known Tiny Township residents Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Lyons celebrate fifty years of married life spent on the same farm in the Wyebridge Wyevale area. Mrs. Lyons sister Mrs. Sarah Guest stands behind the couple, she has been a Midland resident of thirty years.
2006 0020 1258
Doug Swales, director of the Midland Y’s Men’s Club summer playground program, watches over a group of boys choosing sides for a ball game.
2006 0020 1255cropped
 Miss Genevieve Doyle a teacher at St. Mary’s Separate School in Midland for three years and Sacred Heart for nine years has taken a position in Oshawa this fall. Held in high esteem, she is receiving a presentation from Nelson Cote and Jane Campbell, two of her grade 4 pupils.

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