Jess Ford Art Show—Friday February 27th, 2009 at 7.00 pm

Jess Ford has lived in the communities of Midland and Penetanguishene for most of her life.  A graduate of Penetanguishene Secondary School, Jess attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in the 90s and, although she enjoyed her time in the city, she missed her home and the inspiration it provided her creative spirit.  Hess’s first show with Huronia Museum was in May 2006 along with Darren Todd, a local photographer.  Her 2006 show was entitled “feels so Near” with many scenes from Awenda Provincial Park, one of Jess’s favorite places to paint in the region.

Her hew show, opening on Friday, February 27th at 7.00 pm in the museum’s auditorium is entitle,” My Mother’s Garden.”  Jess describes the time she spent painting this collection as a great therapy.  This series, with painting of spring scenes, wildflowers and nightscapes, is a collection that she is dedicating to the memory of her mothers.

For further information on the artist and the details of the show, please contact us at the museum.

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