Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – Nov 16th to 24th 1955

The ability to enlarge the photos was lost on the last couple of posts but should work on these, just double click on the images. 

Most images have related stories printed with them giving more detail, museum staff would be glad to provide that extra detail on photos from the “Looking Back” series. Use the comment function for inquiries.

2006 0020 1458

 Victoria Harbour’s new $10,000.00 water tower is nearing completion, the 47,000 gallon tank was built by Daniels Welding of Midland and is located on the highest point in the village. 

2006 0020 1472

 This Penetanguishene fire was confined to the rear of the main street building occupied by the A. B. Thompson law office, Dr. E. J. Bramah and Dr. W. E. Smart. The Canada House Hotel can be seen across the street. 

2006 0020 1466 2006 0020 1469 2006 0020 1471 2006 0020 1470 2006 0020 1468 2006 0020 1467

 Workmen apply the finishing touches to the new high school on Hugel Ave. It is possible that some of the men that worked so hard to construct this building will outlast it.

The first photo was not published in the newspaper so we have no names for this floor laying crew. I do recognize Ron Joslin on the right.  The second photo is of Doug Peden from Coldwater making final adjustments on the two huge boilers that will heat the building. Third photo shows Norman Dupuis of Penetang putting a final coat of plaster on the walls of one of the hallways. Norman is an employee of Lloyd Murday, Midland. Fourth photo shows the installation of glazed tiles in the kitchen area of the new school. The tilers are Mike Lacroix (left) and Pat Quesnelle, both of Penetang. Fifth photo shows the general contractors foreman George Squire watching Penetang’s Pat Charlesbois, an employee of Midland painter William Lalonde,  doing final putty work before painting. The last photo shows the huge hardwood floor of the gymnasium being installed. The contractor was Ball Bros. from Kitchener but three local men are employed, Doug Howell, Elmer Contois and Jim Clayton.2006 0020 1483

 Pouring the cement pillars on the upper floor of the new Bell Telephone Co. dial exchange building on the southwest corner of Hugel and Midland Avenues. The business office will be housed in the single story area to the right. The building was constructed with concrete floors and supports to reduce the vibrations that could affect the complex equipment. 

2006 0020 1484

 Regent Public School choir under the direction of Alex Docherty performs during the schools Remembrance Day service. 

2006 0020 1485

Bob Gilles visiting his parents Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Gillies who lived at the corner of Russell and Hannah Streets, lands in the Regent School yard. Mr. Gilles in peaked cap is speaking to Charles Onley. Leitz factory in the background. 

2006 0020 1584 2006 0020 1501

 Grandfather of all Medonte trees.  Joseph Lea, forester from Orr Lake, measures the cross section of six feet. The diameter is eighteen feet at six feet above the ground and the giant stands 130 feet tall. This location was once a lumber camp and small settlement called Elsie at the end of the Medonte Tramway near the present Copeland Provincial Forest.

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