Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – Nov 24th to 30th 1955

  • New hospital to be opened on St. Andrew’s Day, Wednesday, November 30th, announces board chairman R. J. Pinchin. Both the day and the name honour the native homeland of James Playfair who donated the original hospital building to the town.
  • Adolphe Lalumiere, Highland Point, escapes in the night with only a blanket, which was also burning, when fire destroyed his store.
  • E. J. Rice of Port McNicoll found a karat in her garden, a 14 karat gold ring inscribed “Maphin”, growing around the root of a turnip.
  • Driver of Hillsdale to Midland school bus route complains to school board about the conduct and language on his bus, especially the girls.
  • The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE) has 960 chapters across Canada carrying on a large number of philanthropic programs. Some husbands left at home claim IODE stands for “I Often Don’t Eat”
  • Ten Years Ago: Mrs. James Playfair, 87, dies at home. In the same week A. W. Ruby, Midland merchant and early resident dies suddenly. Severe storm makes Midland Harbour a refuge for 18 freighters over the weekend. Tenders were being called for the erection of the new Midland Footwear factory. W. H. Keller sold his garage and automobile business to two Toronto brothers, Keith and Karl Bertrand.
  • Weddings;      James Piitz, son of Mr. & Mrs. Allan Piitz of Penetang marries Marjorie Joan Diver, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Diver of Midland, Oct 29th, St. James on the Lines.   Catherine Margaret Dion, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Dion, Moon River, marries Beverly George Grant, son of Mr. & Mrs. Victor Grant, Midland, at St. Margaret’s Church, October 15th. Iris Marian Bath, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Bath, Midland, marries Charles Olson, Toronto, son of Mr. & Mrs. David Olson. Knox Presbyterian, October 29th.      Bernice Robinson, daughter of Reeve and Mrs. Lawson Robinson of Elmvale marries Robert Arthur Copeland son of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Arthur Copeland, Elmvale, October 28th.   Prima Rose Marie Laurin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ismael Laurin, Lafontaine, marries Arthur George Parent, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Parent, Perkinsfield, at Holy Cross Church in Lafontaine.
  • Mysterious explosion heard in Penetang actually occurred north of Honey Harbour during construction of the Trans Canada Highway.
  • Penetang Chamber of Commerce points out in a letter to the editor that Midland is mentioned eleven times on government highway signs on Highway 400 compared to once for Penetang.
  • Like portable classrooms in school yards, hospital beds in the hall are a perennial thing, Miss Ingham, superintendent of St. Andrew’s Hospital, reports to her board that “we were jammed to the doors last week, six corridor beds had to pressed into service.”
  • Coldwater Municipal Telephone Commission votes 29-7 in favour of selling the forty year old system that currently serves Coldwater, Fesserton and North River.
  • OPP advertising for recruits, “must be a British subject between 21 and 35 years of age, not less than 5’9″ in height in stocking feet, not less than 160 pounds or more than 200 pounds in weight, equivalent of two years of high school, must possess Ontario Chauffeur’s or Operator’s licence, willing to serve anywhere in the province.”
  • Hugh “Bull” Ritchie formerly of Elmvale is honoured at the Grey Cup opener in Vancouver Saturday by performing the “kick off” to officially open the first Grey Cup game held in Western Canada. In 1909 Mr. Ritchie kicked off for Toronto Varsity in the first Grey Cup game ever played. Among the fans at the game were Dr. Jim Small of Midland and A. B. Thompson of Penetang.
  • Bailiff’s auction sale of machinery, land and buildings of the Ulmique Fur Processors Limited, at Yonge Street just north of Princess.
  • To mark his 75th birthday on Monday, Roy T. French, president of Great Lakes Boat and Machine Co. Ltd. held a dinner and social evening for his staff at the plant on Midland’s waterfront. At that time he announced the transfer of management of the firm to his son Alden N. French.
  • New vacation area developing around Six Mile Lake as the Department of Lands and Forests begins work on a new Provincial Park at Six Mile and the number of cottages on the lake has gone from 19, eight years ago, to 450 now. The reason for all of this is the new Trans Canada Highway being pushed through from Waubaushene to Footes Bay.
  • Council considers erecting a warning sign at the corner of Fourth and Bay Streets, scene of numerous accidents, feels a blinker light would be too expensive.
  • Victoria Harbour stays dry, 82 % voter turnout, third defeat in fifteen years, but it was close, 60% needed, received 57.8% on the establishment of a Brewers Warehouse, 56% on a liquor store and 51.7% on a beverage room.
  • A. Robinson, local MP, reports that the federal cabinet today voted not to make changes to the unemployment insurance benefits for Great Lakes sailors.
  • Pretty ex-Midland girl, Betty Halliburton, a stenographer at RCMP headquarters, made Toronto headlines as she followed drug dealers into a restaurant and listened in on their conversation. The information led to four arrests and the confiscation of a million dollars worth of narcotics. Betty’s dad Jack worked at the Midland shipyard until his death in 1949. Her sister, Mrs. M. Gilbank is still living in Penetang
  • White Billy Goat running about Penetang with a pack of dogs. The goat, complete with horns, seems quite docile with children but avoids adults. Last seen by our reporter making a meal of some shrubbery near All Saint’s Church.
  • 25 Years Ago – Workmen engaged in cutting an embankment on Fourth Street between Yonge and Hugel unearthed a human skeleton, believed to be of a native person. Midland YMCA boy’s relay team won the 33 mile race between teams from Barrie and Orillia. Team included, Tom Lowes, M. Taylor, L. Larment, Willie Scott, D. Melville, Bob Merkley, Francis Lowes, Gordon Duncan, Dudley Tushingham, Clarke Edwards, Cliff Davies, Art Switzer and Harold Hornsby.
  • Bowling for the Barber & Haskill team, Dorothy Spicer set a new mark for ladies at the Midland Bowling Academy when she compiled a 915 triple during a Twin City League match. Dorothy rolled games of 315, 232 and 378.
  • New hospital opened November 30th faces $10,000.00 deficit due to citizens failing to honour their pledges.
  • Front page photo, which we unfortunately do not have, shows Dr. Pierre Marchildon and the lengthy article tells the story of his youth in Lafontaine, his education and years of practice, life in the north, war years, a life that would fill a book. At 86 he “came home to die” but is still going strong at 92.
  • Canada Savings Bonds are paying 3 1/4 percent.
  • Leacock Dinner honours Robertson Davies, author and playwright, with the 1955 Leacock Medal for Humour.
  • Beatty Bros., Spencer Division, Penetang, foundry and appliance production hindered by a shortage of steel but still employ 150 on staff.
  • Martin Lesperance, 22, of Concession 15 Tiny Twp. was killed when he and a fellow worker fell from a scaffold on which they were working in Thessalon. It was his first day on the job.
  • Town of Midland posts notice as to the closing of Charles Street between Hugel Ave. and Elizabeth Street and sale to adjacent land owners. This would be part of the site of the major expansion of Midland Industries in 1956.
  • Editorial, County Herald, November 18th – Midland’s municipal band is doing a fine job musically but we wonder if they should be marching in parades until they are both outfitted and able to march more smartly. The contrast on November 11th with the Bracebridge Legion Pipe Band was rather too marked.
  • Special this week only, at Gropp Motors, GMC 1/2 Ton pickup truck, deluxe cab, completely equipped, $1,797.00.
  • After January 1 applicants for driving licences will have to pass a written test.
  • Midland town budget is $670,000.00 for 1956. The town is also one the area’s largest employers with a staff of 100. 

2006 0020 1479

 Canadian Legion Branch 80 scholarship winner Alice Desrochers, formerly of Penetanguishene now living in  Midland. At Remembrance Day dinner at the Parkside Inn, treasurer Howard Henderson presents cheque while president Ivan McConnell and past president Alf Scott (left) look on.2006 0020 1491 2006 0020 1571

 Fire in Victoria Harbour destroys the home of George Vent, man standing in front with the tweed cap. Ten people including seven children were forced out into the 15 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Children aged ten months to eleven years plus Baptiste Arbour Mrs. Vent’s father. 2006 0020 1495

 Victoria Harbour fire destroys two story frame house owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dunlop, now residents of Orillia. Home had been empty all fall, crews from Midland and Waubaushene aided and were able to save the home of Fabian LaChapelle that was nearby.

2006 0020 1627

 Ronald McQuaig will represent St. Paul’s United Church Midland at the 35th session of the Ontario Older Boys Parliament  which convenes in the Ontario Legislative building in December. Ronald is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Elwood McQuaig of 234 Manly Street, with him is Cecil Hopkins director of boys work at St. Paul’s.

2006 0020 1443

 David Pottage of Mount St. Louis School, with his father Ken Pottage, wins the George G. Johnson Trophy for public speaking. The trophy is emblematic of the county championship in public speaking. The contest was held in Barrie.

2006 0020 1713

 Being demolished, Fire Hall recently used as a municipal office until condemned for only limited occupation, then renovated and used again for council meetings and court house. Was built in 1896 for $2000.00 (Barrie Advance Aug 1895). Property has been sold to Loblaws for a new grocery store. The town advertised the boiler for sale as it had only recently been installed, Herman Latanville bought it for $25.00.

2006 0020 1739

 Midland Braves basket ball team; front row, Albert Ruby, Charlie Day and Bill Setterington the playing coach, back row, Forbes MacKenzie, John Power and George McFarland. Absent Ross Hart, Tim Lethbridge, Jack Laird and Alex Owen.

2006 0020 1580

Old Midland ski jump being torn down to make way for the new one which will be 107 feet high.

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