Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years in North Simcoe – December 1st to 7th 1955

  • Canadian Wood Products Ltd. buys idle 11,000 square foot plant in Victoria Harbour. Plant is currently owned by Cooper – Weeks Limited and had been occupied by Great Lakes Fur Dressers and Dyers Ltd. Plan to immediatly expand to 14,000 square feet and hire 50 employees.
  • Fifty seven percent of St. Andrew’s Hospital patients are not from Midland.
  • Front section of December 2nd Free Press devoted to photos, articles and suppliers congratulations on the opening of the new wing of St. Andrew’s Hospital on November 30th.
  • The elevators used in the new hospital were constructed in Midland by Midland Foundry & Machine Company Limited under the brand name Joyce Lifting Equipment.
  • First Midland hospital was built in 1905 across the bay in Sunnyside, it contained 12 beds and was called Midland Penetanguishene General Marine Hospital. In 1918 Mr. & Mrs. James Playfair purchased the former Manley Chew home and donated it to the town of Midland, incorporating it that year as St. Andrew’s. In 1921 the south wing was added to the old Manley Chew home at a cost of $72,000.00.
  • In 1935 seventy five percent of all babies were born outside of a hospital, now in 1955, ninety two percent are born in a hospital.
  • By forming a company called Midland Stevadores Ltd. and engaging themselves as paid employees of that company, most of the longshoremen serving grain elevators in Midland have been able to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in the off seasons.
  • S. McDowell of Manly Street has the unique distinction of having attended all three hospital grand openings in Midland.
  • Grain glut in Georgian Bay ports causes problem for ships unable to unload. Predict eight bulk carriers will winter here with storage cargos. Coverdale forced to unload at three diferent elevators.
  • Doreen and Ross Thompson announce the arrival of a daughter, Wendy Barbara, on Saturday, November 26th, in St. Andrew’s Hospital.
  • The rebuilt frigate HMCS Penetang is one of three being loaned to the Norwegian Navy.
  • When Mrs. Leger Robitaille of Penetang called her husband around 5 A.M. to get her to the hospital maternity ward neither knew that the streets were glare ice. After sliding from side to side and often unable to go forward for twenty minutes one half of her set of twins was born in the car. The second baby was born in Penetang General Hospital and all are now at home, happy and healthy.
  • Staff at St. Andrew’s Hospital begin to shift patients into the new wing so that work can begin renovating the older sections of the hospital.

 Familiar scenes to those of us who grew up with St. Andrew’s. Babies born, parents died, sickness healed. Joy and sorrow, dedication and compassion.

2006 0020 1497

Miss Mary Ingham superintendent of St. Andrew’s Hospital cuts the ribbon while assistant superintendent Miss Jean Holt holds the other end. Over a thousand residents inspected the new hospital Wednesday afternoon and evening.

2006 0020 1508

Terrazzo and wide doors featured in the entrance to the new St. Andrew’s Hospital.

2006 0020 1510

Adequate office space in the new St. Andrew’s Hospital, left Miss Jacqueline Desjardine and Miss Connie Ambeau.

2006 0020 1511cropped

Dr. Doug Patchell, was youngest doctor in Ontario when he graduated, Dr. Pinchin and Dr. Swan sitting in the new waiting room at St. Andrews Hospital.

2006 0020 1512

Mrs. A. H. Pinchin, member of the St. Andrew’s Hospital women’s auxiliary dusts off one of the new pieces of furniture. Mrs. Verne Wilson polishing the bed table.

2006 0020 1513

Evening superintendant of St. Andrew’s Hospital, Mrs. Gladys Reid is putting finishing touches to a two bed ward. Fifty seven new adult beds and twenty nursery cribs have been added with the addition. New blankets display the hospital’s name and the St. Andrew’s Cross.

2006 0020 1515

Jean Sutton demonstrates the new elevator at St. Andrew’s Hospital, installed by Midland Foundry & Machine Co. Ltd.

2006 0020 1507

Waiting room, St. Andrew’s Hospital, nurse Carol Megaw, Jack Doughty chairman of the board’s public relations committee and nurse Rena Wilson.


2006 0020 1748

December 1955 at the Midland Penetang Advisory Committee of the CNIB Christmas party held at the Midland YMCA, ready for carol singing, Mrs. Bill (Joan) Barnett and William Steggles both of Midland, Mrs. W. L. Penton of Penetanguishene, seated Mrs. Ava Davey of Victoria Harbour and Miss May Wilkinson. Only Mrs. Barnett and Miss Wilkinson have full sight.

2006 0020 1576

Midland Red Wing’s cheerleaders, Kathy Hall, Marj Powers, Pat Martin, Margaret Ann Moore, Lorna Edwards and Marion Lemieux.

2006 0020 1579

1955 edition of the Midland Red Wings team; front, Bob Power, Ross Irvine, Bob Scott, Roger Grey, Harvey Jackson, Ken Sims and Jim Lemieux; back row, Harold Jackson, Don King, Dave McCall, Clare Armstrong, Bill Quinlan, Bob Pickering, Dalt Cruise, Gord Brand and coach Garnet Armstrong.

2006 0020 1502

Planning second annual Simcoe County Police Association dance to be held at the Parkside Inn on Yonge Street. Provincial Constable Bill Mohan, Midland Chief William Nicholas, Constables George Wainman and Ernie Bates.


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