Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – Jan 8th to 15th 1956


  • Myrna Pardon, daughter of the Mr. & Mrs. Jack Pardon, Midland, and Ernest Hounsome, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hounsome, Wyebridge. December 17th, St. Paul’s United, Midland.
  • Lorraine Forget, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Forget of Midland and Howard R. McNamara, son of Mr. & Mrs. P. G. McNamara, Lafontaine. December 27th, St. Ann’s Church, Penetang.
  • Elinor Jane Lidstone, daughter of Capt. & Mrs. J. W. Lidstone, Victoria Harbour and Paul Richard Lord, Sudbury, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Lohnes, New Liskeard. December 29th, St. John’s United Church, Victoria Harbour.
  • Roma Maurice, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alcime Maurice, Lafontaine and Alcime Ladoucer, son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ladoucer, Midland. December 27th, Holy Cross Church, Lafontaine.
  • Irene Amy Gilbank, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cadwell Gilbank of Coldwater and Douglas Ralph Edwards, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. C. Beatty of Vasey. December 27th, Coldwater United Church.
  • Marjorie Fowler Vollick and Arden Tinney at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fowler, Elmvale.
  • Betty Anne Walker, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Walker of Welland and Robert Houle, son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Houle of Midland. December 30th, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Welland.
  • Marion Lawler, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lawler, Port McNicoll and Alcime Desjardins, son of Mr. & Mrs. Herb Desjardins of Penetang. December 24, Bonar Presbyterian Church, Port McNicoll.
  • Anne Lavina Kimberley, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Kimberley of Orillia and John Albert Simpell, son of Mrs. Albert Simpell and the late Capt. Simpell of Midland. December 21, Calverly Pentecostal Tabernacle.

 Items of Interest

  • What it cost to break the law in 1956; failing to remain at the scene of an accident, $100.00; impaired driving, $100.00 and three months suspension; driving without a licence, $10.00; careless driving, $15.00 to $50.00; for impaired, combined with causing a disturbance and wine in a place other than a residence, $125.00.
  • Midland council votes to go back to municipal elections being held on “washday” Monday after complaints about the mid week election this year, clerk Wm. Hack has been instructed to investigate the setting up of an advance poll next year.
  • H. J. Thompson & Sons are advertising a deluxe Beatty wringer washer complete with pump and timer for $129.50 with trade in. Terms available at as little as $2.00 per week.
  • 100 cords of pulp wood have been harvested this week at Orr Lake and are being shipped to the paper mill at Thorold.
  • Midland Alliance Tabernacle adopts a new name, the Alliance Church.
  • United Auto Workers four month strike against General Motors Canada has caused the layoff of thirty four employees at Canadian Name Plate in Midland. Name Plate makes trim for GM’s Frigidaire line of appliances. (when appliances were actually made in Canada)
  • Crossland Public School west of Elmvale destroyed by fire.
  • Thirty Tay Township lots to be auctioned for tax arrears.
  • Maybe it is the new blue-on-white colour scheme that is driving licence plate & permit sales ahead of last year suggests issuer Alex MacIntosh. Sales began January 3 and end January 31. There is no letter prefixing the numbers on licence plates this year and the number series for the Midland district begins with 37201.
  • Municipal tax discounts and penalties for 1956 have been posted in the paper, a discount of 3% will be given for taxes paid in January declining to par in July and a penalty of 1% will be applied in August increasing to 3% by December.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ed Carpenter celebrated 50 years of marriage on January 3rd. They are the parents of Herb Carpenter and grandparents to Dave & John. Charles Edward Carpenter was raised on a farm in Matchedash Twp. near Coldwater and Mrs. Carpenter, nee Eva Maud Hall, though born at Hogg’s Bay (Victoria Harbour) her family moved to Matchedash. Mr. Carpenter spent his entire career as a sailor on the Great Lakes, many of those on the yachts of James Playfair.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is playing at the Roxy.
  • Ted Lounsbery Men’s Wear is offering a 20% discount on all merchandise with made to measure suits starting at $49.95.
  • Clarence MacKenzie, owner of the Victoria Harbour Dairy has invested $2,500.00 in new cooling equipment and an updated milk handling system to make his operation one of the most modern and sanitary in North Simcoe. The value of the tourist trade is evident by the statistics shared by Mr. MacKenzie, in the winter he sells 400 quarts of milk daily, that number soars to 4,000 quarts in the summer months.
  • Collingwood’s Jozo Weider installs a Poma Lift at Blue Mountain, the first of its kind in Ontario.
  • Midland council and their police force may go to arbitration or a new force says Mayor Parker. The mayor feels the police force lacks the training needed to deal with the public. He went on to point out that the Provincial Police school only offers a six week course to qualify an officer.
  • Making hot news in the “Hi-Y’d and Happy” column was the winning of the foul shooting contest by Ken Mackie, 10 out of 20 tries. Prize; a box of chocolates. 

Double click on photos to enlarge:

2006 0020 1976“Sleeping Giants” Three CSL bulk carriers, the Sir James Dunn, the Hochelaga and the Thunder Bay are wintering in front of the Tiffin Elevator filled with thousands of bushels of grain yet to be unloaded and behind them at the Aberdeen are the Algosteel (A.S. Glossbrenner, then Algogulf) and Gleneagles. 

2006 0020 1977“Winter’s Prisoners” Snow covered super structure of the Lemoyne provides a frame for other ships of Midland’s winter fleet. At the CSL winter birth are the Hagarty and the Stadacona while across the bay at the Simcoe Elevator are the S.S. Paterson and two Mohawk Navigation Co. ships the Shaunghnessy and the Mohawk Deer.

2006 0020 1989Swearing in ceremony for the 1956 Midland council, Aldermen William Logan and Ossie Downer, Deputy Alderman W. H. Cranston, Mayor Charles Parker, Reeve W. H. Keller and Aldermen Charles Onley and Clint Smith. Standing are G. S. Dudley QC, the town solicitor, Rev. J. L. Self and clerk Bill Hack. 

2006 0020 1984 “Snowy” is a three month old Samoyed puppy that was found floating on a cake of ice between the ships at the CSL winter berth by one of the ship’s engineers. Leaving town he gave the pup to watchman & CSL employee J. W. Wallace. The three happy owners are, Lorne 4, Robert 8 and Mark 5,  sons of Rev. G. R. Stanley of St. Mark’s Anglican Church. “Snowy” wandered away from home last week and Mr. Wallace is certain he spent at least one night on the ice. The Stanley’s, after futile searching, placed an ad in the Free Press and when the watchman called the paper to see if the dog had been reported missing the owners were reunited with their pet. 

2006 0020 2000Mrs. K. V. Stephenson enters text into the  new teletype-setter recently installed at the Midland Free Press. Keystrokes create perforations in the tape emerging from the machine that are then used to control the type setter. 

2006 0020 1997Teletype tape is examined by Wm. J. Murray of the Free Press staff and Bob Goodall of Toronto Type Foundry Limited as they prepare to run it through the new high speed Intertype. The tape will automatically operate the keyboard of the typesetter. The Free Press is one of the first Canadian newspapers in the weekly or semi-weekly field to install the new high speed production equipment. 

2006 0020 2002Editorial Department’s new home, knotty pine and acoustic ceiling tile are some of the features of the new editorial department at the Free Press. Built by local contractor Alf Rei the second story extension is 25 by 18 feet and features large windows. Staffers Harry Hughes and Barbara Allsopp are shown at their desks. 

2006 0020 1980Mrs. Viola Leece Cornell, 78,  of Coldwater displays one of her crocheted table cloths, 78 by 84 inches in size and requiring 6 months to complete. She estimates there is enough thread in one to stretch the 32 miles to Barrie and part way back. 

2006 0020 2065Winners of last year’s big spiel and the Imperial Oil Trophy at the Midland Curling Club had to be content with winning the fourth event this year. Stan Burton, Harold Wilcox, Alvin Steer skip, and Lloyd Wilcox. Ike Cumming’s rink won the fifth event giving Midland teams three of the five events. 

2006 0020 2082Captain D’Alt Hudson is holding the big Imperial Oil Trophy his rink won as the top men’s curlers in the 23rd annual spiel. His two sons, Doug Hudson left and Dave Hudson right, flank Len O’Leary of Penetang who played second stone. 

2006 0020 2053Members of the Midland Public Utilities Commission are seen gathered around their new chairman, David Hurrie, as he took office at the inaugural meeting Tuesday. This was Mr. Hurrie’s 28th year on the commission and the eleventh time he has been chairman. Frank Yon, superintendent, Charles Stephenson, O. H. Smith, Alex MacIntosh, and Stuart Holt, secretary.

One thought on “Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – Jan 8th to 15th 1956

  1. I always enjoy these postings, and particularly this one. Your top picture show the Algosteel laid up behind the three CSL lakers at Tiffin. I may well have been aboard her when the shot was taken as we kept ship on her that winter. Thanks for providing these wonderful, nostalgic trips back.

    Sylvia ( Sylvie) Sutherland,

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