James Graeme Mohan, Boer War Veteran

Huronia Museum is very pleased to announce that it has acquired the service medal of James Mohan who volunteered for active military duty in South Africa in 1901-02 and served again with the South African Constabulary in 1903. He originally joined the Canadian Artillery Battery D as a gunner and served in several campaigns including Cape Colony, Orange Free State, and South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902. Some 7,638 Canadians and 12 nurses served in this war.

This is the first “Boer War” medal the museum has ever acquired. Gary French spotted the medal on Ebay and was able to neogtiate a fair purchase price from the owner, Richard McDonald of Bellevue, Washington, USA.  Anyone who wouldlike to “help” with the purchase please contact Jamie Hunter, Curator, Huronia Museum at 705 526-2844 or director@huroniamuseum.com

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