Community Policy for Huronia Museum

Community Policy for Huronia Museum

 Effective:        June 27th, 2005                                              

Reviewed:      Monday, February 27th, 2007


1.      Purpose

This Community Policy establishes the guidelines for Huronia Museum’s role as steward of Huronia’s heritage and its responsibilities to the community, which it serves.  Huronia Museum strives to keep the collections and the Museum’s resources accessible to the community and remain relevant to the community’s needs and interests with its exhibits, programming and heritage services.

2.      Responsibility – Board of Directors

2.1.   The Board of Directors for Huronia Museum and Huron Ouendat Village is responsible for implementation and regular review of this standard.

2.2.   The Board of Directors will actively promote the participation of the membership and community in the activities of Huronia Museum.  Members will be encouraged to take an active role in the direction and growth of Huronia Museum through their participation as volunteers on the Board of Directors, on committees and in the various departments.

2.3.   The Board of Directors will allocate a portion of the annual budget for the promotion of the museum’s collections, services and programming to the community, which it serves.  (e.g. newsletter, art shows, special lectures)

2.4.   One position on the Board of Directors will be designated as the Director for Volunteer Opportunities.  This position will identify volunteer recruitment opportunities, work cooperatively with the Executive Director to establish volunteer recruitment guidelines and strategies and determine where volunteer services could be best utilized at the Museum.

3.      Responsibility – Director/Curator and Administrator

3.1.   The Executive Director will oversee the application of this standard and ensure that the intent and objectives are monitored.

3.2.   The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the supervision of volunteers.  The Executive Director may delegate this task to the Department Managers as required and when deemed appropriate.  The Executive Director and/or respective Department Manager are responsible for appropriate training and evaluation of volunteers.

3.3.   The Executive Director will ensure that all volunteers are provided with a safe working environment in accordance with all the municipal, provincial and federal regulations, which regulate working conditions for regular employees.

4.      Responsibility – Staff and Volunteers

4.1.   All staff who are active in program development will make certain that all programming and services are accessible for visitors and community members of all abilities both physically and intellectually.

4.2.   All staff will provide information and transparency to their activities and programs for the community by providing reports on the respective department’s activities in the Museum’s quarterly newsletter.  This newsletter will be distributed to all members in good standing and partner organizations.

5.      General

5.1.   Huronia Museum recognizes the importance of remaining current with the community’s needs and interests.  Huronia Museum strives to provide relevant programming which is consistent with the organization’s mandate to collect, exhibit, deliver programming and preserve the history of Huronia.

5.2.   Huronia Museum strives to maintain itself as a heritage resource for the community and as such will be accessible to the public throughout the entire year.  A listing of services available and the Museum’s hours of operation will be posted in clear view at the entrance of the Museum and contained in promotional materials produced for distribution to the general public.



The Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code

Ethics Guidelines

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