Leslie John Collins

These are a few of the 9 works of art by Leslie John Collins that had been donated by Nancy Hull.

The artwork is not currently on display. However, they can be viewed by pre-arranged appointment with our Curator.

Leslie John Collins studied at the Ontario College of Art in 1928-1929, and later studied painting alongside Doris McCarthy. He worked as a window dresser with Eaton’s and is not known to have sold his artwork or been represented by a gallery during his lifetime.

Leslie John Collins was born in Toronto in 1905 and died in Toronto in 1988. He is related to the late Sir James M. Barrie, author, and Nancy L. Hull, of Ontario.

There are no recorded sales of his artwork at auction.


Celebration of Bees – 1979

Oil painting, Framed 18.5″ x 20.5″
A painting depicting three small bee boxes below a large grouping of trees consisting of four white birch trees, two brown trees, and two thin yellow trees that cross near the top of the painting.


Medonte Spring – 1979 – Oil 9″x 12″



Toronto Valley – 1930 – Watercolour 8″x 5″



Just Beyond – 1978 – Oil- 6″x 8″


Autumn North – 1979 Oil on Canvas 12″x 9.75″



Trees, Huronia — 1970 Oil 10″ x 12″