Items to be de-accessioned

DEFINITION: “De-accessioning” is the process used to remove permanently an object from the Museum’s collection or to document the reasons for an involuntary removal (one required by law or due to circumstances not controlled by the Museum).
“Disposal” is the official mode of transferral.

Accessioned objects are held in perpetuity as long as:
•    They support the Museum Mandate
•    They retain physical integrity, their identity, and their authenticity.
•    They can be properly stored, preserved, and used.

De-accessioning, when carried out in an appropriate manner and with thoughtful consideration, is an integral part of responsible collections management. This view is endorsed by the Huronia Museum By-laws  in its Collection Policy and is based on the ethical codes of national and international museum professional organizations.

The following items, having been studied by the Huronia Museum Accessions Committee and the Board of Directors and have met the criteria required to be de-accessioned from the Huronia Museum Collection.

  1. 1988 0045 Frank Ridley to Deaccession

2. Items Recommended for Deaccession

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