Expansion? When?

  1. 1947 museum first opens
  2. 1957 Huron Village reconstructed
  3. 1967 current building phase one built
  4. 1976 Huronia Gallery of the Arts extension built
  5. 1976-2007 no expansion

There has been a pattern of expansion at the HM over the years. If I have my facts right, there has been no expansion, no new building in 31 years. During that time, the collection has grown year by year. According to the descriptions of the HM, there are over one million artifacts. Members of the community view the HM as the collection of our community’s past. Clearly with poor staff working space, full storage areas, full exhibit areas and only a very small percentage of the collection out on display, expansion seems needed.

The simplest expansion might be to add a rectangular matching space to the gallery end of the museum. No frills, just a large insulated, wired space which could be simply subdivided as needed for display space and storage space. Nothing grand, for the expansion that was the art gallery was not particularly grand. If it looks like warehousing or a big box store (that height may not be necessary) than so be it. Aim for the lowest possible construction cost to gain the largest possible expansion.

To fund raise for this requires a new concentrated effort. It may take years. It may not get completed, the fundraising and the construction before 2017, but if it is to happen the decision must surely be made and the commitment stated for everyone in the community to understand and to become involved.

  1. If I have my facts wrong, please correct me.
  2. If you have an opinion on this subject, please comment.
  3. If you want to get involved in an expansion and fundraising effort, please call the museum.