Film Series

Film Series


Huronia Museum Film Series brings festival calibre films to Midland movie goers.

All proceeds for ticket sales help to support Huronia Museum.

Showtimes are at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm each Wednesday Night.
Films are shown at the Galaxy Theatre Midland

***Tickets and passes can be bought immediately before the film, at the theatre if they are still available. CASH OR CHEQUES ONLY*****

Tickets are available for purchase at the Huronia Museum with cash credit or debit until 3 p.m. on the date of the film.

Tickets and Six-Packs are available at our Online store at

**Reminder to everyone on our email subscriber list-If you are not receiving our weekly emails, please check your spam / social folders.  Some email providers recognize the film emails as spam because they are messages sent out to a large group using an email service**

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Director: Terence Davies

Cast: Catherine Bailey, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Keith Carradine

Runtime: 125 minutes

Distributor: Pacific Northwest Pictures

Unconventional, yet iconic – Emily Dickinson was truly a woman before her time. Deeply tormented by gender disparities and her own feelings of insecurity, the American poet fought eternally to find her place in life, withdrawing entirely from social life after a crisis of faith. Through her beautiful, poetic work, Emily narrates her adult life in Massachusetts, taking the audience on an emotional journey. Nixon’s intoxicating performance captures Dickinson’s fierce optimism and faith in this lyrical film, tied together by master filmmaker Terence Davies.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Director: Jordan Roberts

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Jacob Tremblay, Virginia Madsen, Marton Csokas

Runtime: 102 minutes

Distributor: D Films

Eight-year-old Wes has always felt a little bit out of place. After a family tragedy, Wes comes to realize that he’s not truly a young American boy – he’s supposed to be a Mongolian goat herder, and was born in the wrong place. Enlisting the help of an Indian filmmaker and a crowdfunding campaign, they set off to the steppes of Asia with Wes’ family in tow. Against all odds, trekking across the other side of the world might be just what they need in order to be close together again.

Unfortunately no trailer is currently available but please enjoy this short look behind the scenes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Cast: Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidoosti, Babak Karimi

Runtime: 125 Minutes

Country: Iran, France

Language: Persian

Distributor: Elevation

After their flat becomes damaged, Emad  and Rana, a young couple living in Tehran, Iran, must move into another apartment. Once relocated, a sudden eruption of violence linked to the previous tenant of their new home dramatically changes their lives, creating a simmering tension between husband and wife.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30

Huronia Museum is participating in National Canadian Film Day.  On April 19, 2017 the film presented by the Huronia Museum Film Series will be completely free of charge. Tickets will be given out on a first come first serve basis and patrons will NOT need their 6 pack cards!

Tickets for the April 19 screening will be available soon.

For more information on this event please call the museum at 705-526-2844 or email us at

Canada on Screen is an unprecedented project to identify, restore, and screen a list of the 150 essential moving-image works from Canada’s history based on a national poll of industry professionals. Taking place throughout 2017, the programme will consist of installations, special events, special guests, and an extensive online catalogue.

The Film Circuit is mounting 150 free screenings of classic Canadian Film Circuit titles selected from the master list of 150 works, taking place in communities across the country on Reel Canada’s National Canadian Film Day: April 19, 2017.

For more information on Canada on Screen please visit the TIFF website


Director: Guy Maddin

Cast: Darcy Fehr, Ann Savage, Louis Negin, Amy Stewart, Brendan Cade, Wesley Cade

Year: 2007

Runtime: 80 Minutes

Language: English

Iconoclastic filmmaker Guy Maddin’s freewheeling, genre-bending tradition has made him one of Canada’s most consistently intriguing and internationally respected artists. My Winnipeg, his 2007 documentary (or “docu-fantasia,” as he describes it) focuses on his hometown, with equal parts mystical rumination and personal history, city chronicle, and deranged post-Freudian proletarian fantasy. Framed as a goodbye letter, it blends local myth with childhood trauma, somehow feeling utterly if perversely logical. Maddin splits the film into three different strands. As the film proceeds and the local and personal stories pile up, My Winnipeg morphs into a meditation on belief and truth, memory and myth. In one of the more naked moments in the film, Maddin addresses the issue of belief and faith; he believes these things, so why shouldn’t we? A deliriously layered provocation, My Winnipeg is outrageous, informative, and wildly entertaining.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Director: Aisling Walsh

Cast: Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Kate Ross, Zachary Bennett

Runtime: 115 Minutes

Distributor: Mongrel Media

Determined to prove her independence to herself and her overprotective family, the Nova Scotian Maud Dowley answers an ad for a live-in housekeeper for the reclusive Everett Lewis but her artistic skills quickly eclipse her domestic duties. Maud has spent her whole life constrained by the effects of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, causing her parents and brother to have little faith in her ability to live independently. After the loss of her parents leads her brother to sell her childhood home, Maud sets out to make her own way in the world and pursue her passion for art.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Director:  Lone Scherfig

Cast: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Jack Huston, Helen McCrory, Eddie Marsan, Jake Lacy, Rachael Stirling, Richard E. Grant

Runtime: 110 minutes

Distributor: Elevation Pictures

With London emptied of men now fighting at the Front, Catrin Cole lands herself a job writing copy for propaganda films that need “a woman’s touch”. Her natural flair quickly gets her noticed by dashing movie producer Buckley whose path would never have crossed hers in peacetime. With the country’s morale at stake, Catrin, Buckley and a colourful crew work furiously to make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation. As bombs are dropping all around them, Catrin discovers there is as much drama, comedy and passion behind the camera as there is onscreen.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30

A UNITED KINGDOM – To Be Confirmed

Director:  Amma Asante

Cast: David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike

Runtime: 105 minutes


A United Kingdom is based on extraordinary true events. In 1947, Seretse Khama, the King of Botswana, met Ruth Williams, a London office worker. They were a perfect match, yet their proposed marriage was challenged not only by their families but by the British and South African governments. The latter had recently introduced the policy of apartheid and found the notion of a biracial couple ruling a neighboring country intolerable. South Africa threatened the British: either thwart the couple or be denied access to South African uranium and gold and face the risk of South Africa invading Botswana.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 @ 4:30 & 7:30


Director: Ritesh Batra

Cast:  Matthew Goode, Michelle Dockery, Emily Mortimer, Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling

Runtime: 108 Minutes

Distributor: Elevation

Tony Webster, divorced and retired, leads a reclusive and relatively quiet life.  One day, he learns that the mother of his university girlfriend, Veronica, left in her will a diary kept by his best friend who dated Veronica after she and Tony parted ways.  Tony’s quest to recover the diary, now in Veronica’s possession, forces him to revisit his flawed recollections of his friends and of his younger self. As he digs deeper into his past, it all starts to come back; the first love, the broken heart, the deceit, the regrets, the guilt… Can Tony bear to face the truth and take responsibility for the devastating consequences of actions he took so long ago?

 The Huronia Museum Film Series is made possible with the support of our many generous sponsors.

Anytime Fitness
Asskenonia Senior Centre
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Bobbie Dupuis—Remax
Bryant’s Jewellers
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Children’s Choir
Flynn’s Traditional Irish Pub
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John Winter and Associates
Josh Post—Royal LePage
Kevin Ellis—Remax
Le Maitre D
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The Odd Ball Yarn Co.
Papa’s Pizza
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Quest Art
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Sedgwick Post Hogg
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Tripp’s Paint and Revival Furniture
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Yvon Gingras Construction

 Individual Sponsors

Joan Asselin
Shirley & Andre Desroches
Anne Fraser
Judith Green
Jane Hamilton
Don Morton
Paul & Christine Rollinson
Joan Sundeen

And Many More!!


43 thoughts on “Film Series

  1. ..if one buys 5/$40., can you use the 5films in ANY season, or is it only for the present season (ie.summer)
    …there are a few films that do not interest me, and i can’t afford to buy for ALL, and only see some
    .(hope this makes sense 🙂 )

  2. Hi Wendy,
    The passes are only good for one season. So you get the films that are part of that season only and then it is expired.
    However, we do have individual tickets available so that you can buy one movie at a time, then you don’t spend money on a movie you can’t go and see.
    Any other questions, just let me know
    Gillian Ross
    Film Guru

    • I bought the 2015 2016 season pass before Christmas. I asked the girl at the museum if I could use the pass fall 2016 and she said yes. I have only seen one movie.

      • At one point in time (the message you replied to is from 2008 or 2009) they did expire. They no longer do, they are valid until they are finished. 🙂

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  5. A good film to schedule might be the Afghanistan documentary “Restrepo”. It won an award for best documentary at Sundance 2010. The photography is stunning and the subject matter is topical.

  6. I just saw Barries festival film Music from the Big House with Rita Chirelli last night…it is well worth showing here in Midland…very powerful message about redemption and forgiveness, not to mention great tunes. My nephew (a Midland boy) was also one of the camera men.

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  29. Update the website please!! I know there is a film on Wednesday but I am tired of searching . Under film series it seems to stop after Jan 2014? Was on the email list last year not anymore??

  30. We heard about this film series by accident, but it’s been VERY hard to find! We thought there might be some information at the Galaxy Theatre, since the films are shown there, but were told tickets were available through the museum. Wouldn’t it be helpful to promote this series at the theatre, where regular movie goers are most likely to see it? Also – provision of information such as a printed list of upcoming films, and how/where to purchase tickets, would have saved me time doing a ‘not too direct’ search on your website. Just a suggestion.

    • The new Film series begins again in January, we will begin to advertise when we have confirmation on the newest films.

    • Unfortunately, while it is certainly the type of film we love to bring in, The Danish Girl is not one of the films our Huronia Museum Film Series will be showing. However, it is now out on DVD so it is available to rent, it is on demand, or you could check to see if the Midland Public Library will be stocking it and simply borrow from them.

      • There are many reasons why a particular film may not be available to us for showing. The Film Series committee works on film lists based on what we are offered from TIFF and what they have personally seen. The choices made by those members are not always available for showing.
        Huronia Museum is always looking for members to volunteers on the committees that work toward setting up events and work together to choose the films for our Film series. Feel free to drop by and become part of the volunteer team!

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