Little Lake Park – Part 1 – Huronia Museum Show

This Canada Day weekend, thousands of you will no doubt be headed out to Little Lake Park to enjoy festivities in celebration of the Dominion.

But many park-goers may be surprised to learn of the park’s long and varied history.  In part 1 of a two-part episode, Huronia Museum curator Jamie Hunter takes us on a tour of the history of Little Lake Park from prehistoric glaciers to modern day volleyball.

Volunteer Opportunity

Huronia Museum Request for volunteers: Huronia Museum needs a few good volunteers with or without their own cordless drills to help safely store its recently received shipment of organic elm bark from Cornwall, Ontario. The elm bark must be quickly mounted to plywood to prevent mold and curling from starting so it can finally be used in the rebuild of the longhouse that was lost to a tragic fire in May of 2007. If you or anyone you know has some time this week or next to help out the museum with mounting the bark to plywood, building drying racks or helping to move it from delivery trailer to the village, please call the museum’s Maintenance Manager, Calvin Watts, at the Huronia Museum at 705-526-2844. The museum really needs just a few good volunteers to make sure this shipment gets moved quickly and dries properly so moisture doesn’t ruin the materials before we even get to build the longhouse!