3 thoughts on “Ouendat Ossuary – Huronia Museum Show

  1. The Huronia Museum seems on top of their regional history and potential for finds so an assessment would probably highlight the entire region as viable for archaeological remains. Perhaps a better approach would be to have an archaeological monitor on site when construction is undertaken. Currently, all properties that undergo development are required under Ontario law to have an archaeological assessment conducted of the subject area beforehand.

    • While monitoring would be essential whether an assessment were done or not (as ossuaries do not always show up during assessments) it is important to note that Ontario law does not seem to require an archaeological assessment on all properties under development. The town did not do an archaeological assessment when the Sports Complex was built and while this assessment may not have turned up the ossuary, it would have shown that the town did its best to avoid the disturbance of a First Nations sacred site in an area of high potential for such finds.
      It is interesting to note that this was not the first ossuary to be found in the park and may not be the last.

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