Little Lake Park – Part 1 – Huronia Museum Show

This Canada Day weekend, thousands of you will no doubt be headed out to Little Lake Park to enjoy festivities in celebration of the Dominion.

But many park-goers may be surprised to learn of the park’s long and varied history.  In part 1 of a two-part episode, Huronia Museum curator Jamie Hunter takes us on a tour of the history of Little Lake Park from prehistoric glaciers to modern day volleyball.

3 thoughts on “Little Lake Park – Part 1 – Huronia Museum Show

  1. So sorry to bother you, but my name is Linda St.Amand, and I was married to a man who had a family who lived in Midland, since the very early days. My mother inlaw gave me a very old book which had very old newspaper clippings thathad been cut out and left in amongst the pagesThe clippins date back to what Midland looked like in the early 1900’s. There is even a pic. of Little lake Park.Also a picture of King street in the year 1883, and below it a pic. of King street 1927. Plus a few pic.of Regent St. school, as it got more and more pupils. Plus a lot more articles with pics. Anyway, I did not want to throw them out..If you or anyone else is interested in them, then I will mail them to whomever.

    • Thank you very much, Linda. We would be thrilled to see what you have. I will try to contact you via the email address you’ve indicated, or you can call us at 705-526-2844 (Ask for Genevieve or Bryan).

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