Research Time for Maintenance Staff

When spring arrives at Huronia Museum, the staff can start to see the effects of winter on our outdoor exhibit, the Huron Ouendat Village.  Last year were were fortunate to have been able to completely refurbish the longhouse and a very large portion of the village’s surrounding palisade.  The winter was, however, not so kind to other pieces of the exhibit and the museum’s maintenance staff has some  repairs to make in the next few weeks.

Pictured below are our Maintenance Manager, Calvin Watts, the Exhibit Development Assistant, Joey Hawke and a volunteer from Midland Secondary School, Robbie Laco all reading primary source accounts of burial practices of the Huron in the Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, so that the rebuild of the burial rack in the village is culturally appropriate and based in solid research.

Maintenance Staff and Volunteer in Research Centre

THE pre-contact Huron Ouendat VILLAGE IS BACK!


We have been working hard to make the village a safe and exciting experience for our visitors again following a fire on the 9th of May. Now completely surrounded with palisade again, our visitors can once again step into our pre-contact Huron Ouendat village where they are greeted by friendly staff to share information and offer hourly guided tours. Visitors can climb our look out tower, imagine the surrounding landscape in the time of Huron and even try out the beds in the longhouse! Kids can join the interpretive staff and make a little something to take home with them.

The Huron Ouendat Village is open every day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Call us for more information.