Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – July 8th to 15th 1956

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2006 0020 2528 Five year old Michael Dorion, son of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Dorion, Tiny Township, comforts his puppy after a freak twister damaged their home and flattened a nearby stable.

 2006 0020 2529 Jean Chretien, Mrs. Alfred Dorion, daughter Theresa, sons Basil and Michael and Captain Mike Chretien were witnesses to a freak tornado that damaged the Dorion home and created a water spout near the boat Captain Chretien was piloting.

 2006 0020 1753 Lloyd Douglas Bowman, known as “LD”, in front with a knife on his belt and Bob Popple of Penetang demonstrate a life saving hold practised on land at Camp Kitchikewana as they work towards their Royal Life Saving Society award.

2006 0020 2879 Midland Y’s Camp Kitchikewana director J. W. Smith, entering his 30th camping season, explains the  camping scene to his three year old grandson Lee Morris.

 2006 0020 2398 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Archer of Third Street, Port McNicoll, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Wednesday, are seen with their granddaughter Dorothy, 4, and Darlene who is 3.

 2006 0020 2411 Missed death by inches. Harold Copecog, 23, of Honey Harbour was sitting in the front of his boat around midnight Monday night when the stern was completely cut off in a collision with another boat in the South Channel. Driver of the 16 foot outboard Eddie Lizotte, 27, was thrown several feet in the air by the impact and was drowned.

 2006 0020 2532 Displaying luscious strawberries grown in Wyebridge on the farm of R. W. Preston are Molly Swales, a member of the Loblaw’s staff and Merritt McCue of Christian Island, head picker for Mr. Preston. The big berries were developed by Mr. Preston in conjunction with the late Dr. E. A. Smith of Ohio. It has taken five years to get the plants to production stage.  

  • Flash Fire Races Through Kitchen –  Seventy-seven year old man rescues women eighty-six. The presence of mind of her 77 year old neighbour, Joseph Cripps, prevented Mrs. Sarah W. Morris, 86, of 363 Queen Street (now 465) from being burned to death. Mr. Cripps, an employee of the town and the Midland Free Press, was out in his back yard when he noticed smoke pouring from the Morris home. He wrenched open the front door of the burning home and made his way through the smoke to the kitchen and led Mrs. Morris to safety. She suffered first degree burns to her forearms, shoulders and face. Paraffin wax was being melted on the stove to seal the jars of preserves she was making.
  • Summer dig students at the Forget Site native village southeast of Wyebridge have discovered it to be one of the few known double palisaded native communities. The two palisades range from four to seven feet apart. “There was a double palisade across one end of St. Ignace near Sturgeon Bay, but not around the entire village,” explained professor Wilfrid Jury of the University of Western Ontario.
  • Thieves steal more than thirty fur coats from Edwards Specialty Shop, forced rear freight door to gain access.
  • Constable Mike Chapman injured when the police cruiser driven by fellow officer George Winter was struck broadside at Firth’s corner by a westbound car.
  • Midland and district Orangemen prepare for a big parade in Midland on the twelfth. Lodges from Coldwater, Warminster, Uhthoff, Orillia, Seabright, Hawkestone, Craighurst, Vasey, Waverly, Elmvale, Allenwood, Wyevale, Penetang and Gravenhurst are expected to join in. 
  • Two Penetang lads injured in a motorcycle accident on County Road 6 near Perkinsfield Thursday night as their machine went into the ditch. Rene Martin has been unconscious since the accident and was rushed to Toronto General Hospital Sunday for emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. [Local people will remember Rene Martin as the ever friendly ticket seller around Penetang for many years]
  • A fourteen year old Coldwater boy admits to placing a bolt on the CNR track near Coldwater to see if it would be flattened. This was within an hour of the accident that took the life of Darwin Raymond of Waubaushene, when the track car he was riding on struck a bolt in the same area.
  • Charged with drunk driving, a 30 year old soldier from Base Borden is sentenced by Magistrate K. A. Cameron in Penetang court. [I find it interesting that the penalty I believe is more severe than today. There was no other history mentioned and no one else involved when his car left the road and ended up in a farmer’s field, yet he received seven days in jail, lost his licence for a year and had his car impounded for 3 months.]
  • Two new navy ships to be commissioned, the HMCS Mallard built by Grew Boats and the HMCS Cormorant built by the Midland Boat Works were launched several weeks ago and will now be officially commissioned. The participants and dignitaries will attend a joint reception at the Midland Armory.
  • All Midland telephone numbers will change with the cutover to the dial system early Sunday morning. Midland numbers will be LAkeside 6-6123, that is the police number, and calls can be completed by just dialing the last five digits but all seven will be required for long distance calling. To call long distance or obtain assistance, dial the “operator”. Directory information can be reached by dialing 113.
  • Jack Blackburn, special constable in charge at the Midland docks, yesterday issued a warning that Midland Harbour waters are unfit for swimming. He said the Simcoe County Health Unit have posted signs indicating the water is polluted and unsafe. [At this time Midland sewage went directly into the harbour.]
  • During July and August the Brewer’s Retail stores in Penetang and Port Severn will be open until 8PM on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Lucky Friday the 13th at the Midland Drive-In, free admission to all drivers with a “13” on their licence plate, the driver of every 13th car, all families of “13” arriving in one car and the girl friend of any driver with a “13” on his driver’s licence.
  • Thirteen Midland home owners face fines if they fail to immediately take action to connect to the municipal sewer system and install proper toilet facilities.
  • 220 boys attending Camp Kitchikewana as it opens for its 37 the season.
  • The Midland Library is inviting summer cottagers to take out a membership, only .10 cents for the summer with a $5.00 refundable deposit.
  • Singer Sewing Machine Company opens a store in Midland at 203 King Street (now 227).
  • The asking price for even a stoney water front lot on Georgian Bay runs from $10 to $15 per foot and good shore property is selling on average from $20 to $25 per foot.

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