Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – January 1st to 8th 1958

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This tiny fellow won a host of prizes for Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Day, 146 Eighth Street, Midland, by being the first baby born at St. Andrew’s Hospital in 1958. Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 ozs., he is a brother for Lloyd, 16, Larry, 12 and Linda 6.


This little girl, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bumstead, Wyevale, will have no problem remembering her birthday. She arrived on the scene in St. Andrew’s Hospital, Midland, Christmas Day. Christine is the third daughter of the Bumsteads, who so far have no sons. ( one more daughter and two sons followed)


Mr. & Mrs. John Houden of Elmvale study an old scrapbook kept by their daughter Mrs. Howard Grier of Wyevale (standing) that tells of the day 50 years ago when the couple boarded the train in Elmvale to travel to Barrie to be wed. It was January 1st, 1908 and just past Colwell on the line to Barrie the train derailed and the coach rolled down a forty foot embankment. No one was seriously injured, even though the coach caught fire and was completely destroyed. The Houdens went on to Barrie and were married. 


 There is a wonderful story of determination, hard work, local support and family behind this event. 

This monster moose was shot by C. F. Townes of Wyebridge who works as an electrician at a mine at Spanish Ont. The animal had a 57-inch antler spread and weighed about 1,600 pounds. Mr. Townes son Jim is at the right.


St. Andrew’s Hospital caretaker Oscar Jean…(paper ripped, the last name missing) can be seen with the lawnmower out Friday morning on the hospital lawn. (Just before Christmas) 


Near collision with the tree at right failed to dampen these two Midland lads’ enthusiasm for tobogganing. Paul Tremblay left, and Ken Cleary were only two of the many children that “rediscovered” Little Lake Park as a winter playground during the last few days of the Christmas holidays. 

It was a case of “look out below” when these four enthusiastic but “green” skiers tried out the long boards in Little Lake Park recently. It was a belated chance to try out Christmas skis and toboggans after weeks of bare ground. Skiers are Keith Cleary, Bob Gray, Tom Davis and John Adamson. 




  • The Free Press Herald headline of January 1st, 1958; Midland Teacher Shot in Rabbit Hunt Mishap.  A Christmas week rabbit hunt north of Honey Harbour had serious consequences for Guy Johnstone son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Johnstone, Midland. A teacher at Sacred Heart Separate School, Midland, the young man suffered serious injuries to his back when a shot-gun carried by his brother, George, 16, accidentally discharged Friday afternoon. Rushed as speedily as possible some 40 miles to St. Andrew’s Hospital, Midland, Mr. Johnstone was attended by Dr. E. A. Grise and Dr. Peter Brasher. Blood transfusions were given and a lengthy operation carried out to save the young man’s life. Dr. Grise, said Tuesday that, while still critically ill, Guy has been “improving a bit each day”.
  • The County Herald headline of January 3rd, 1958; Small Tractor Explodes Driver Escapes Unhurt.  Ovila Cascagnette, the Penetang town foreman, considers himself lucky to have escaped with his life this week when a tractor he was attempting to start in the town shed, exploded and set the building ablaze. Considerable damage was caused to the roof trusses of the building as well as the underside of the roof sheathing when the gasoline-fed flames leaped into the air. The tractor, which caused the fire, was badly damaged by the explosion and subsequent blaze.
  • The Free Press Herald headline of January 8th, 1958; Say Policies Under Fire, Hospital Board Resigns.  Elected members and two appointed members of St. Andrew’s Hospital Board served notice Friday night that they were resigning, effective Jan. 20. The resignation followed a discussion of existing conditions at the hospital after the resignation of board chairman R. J. Pinchin had been tabled at the meeting attended by representatives of the Lions Club, the Y’s Men’s Club, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Business and Professional Women’s Club, the lODE and the Nurses Alumnae. A public meeting is to be held in the auditorium of Midland’s new municipal building Monday, January 20, to elect a new board. Chamber of Commerce officials and service clubs were requested to urge their members and the public to attend.
  • Apparently, Floridians are not the only ones who can boast of balmy Christmases. Mrs. Robert Carson of 365 Hugel Ave. W., Midland, picked a large bowlful of beautiful pansies and white alyssum in her garden Christmas Day.
  • New Brewer’s Retail store to open January 9th at the corner of Bay St. and Midland Ave.
  • It begins to look more and more certain that Midland’s famed ski jump will sit idle, for this year at least. Earlier, Ross Irwin, an official of Midland Resorts. Ltd., and prominent in various ski activities here for several years, had hoped to have a meet Jan. 10, 11 and 12. Mr. Irwin said yesterday there will be no action on the Jump till the weekend. “Things look pretty grim,” Ross Irwin admitted. “However there is another date open in March and if things take a turn for the better we may still have a meet this winter.” Numerous obstacles, mostly financial, have blocked operation of both the ski jump and the regular ski hill this season.
  • Midland police had a busy day Friday, with four accidents on the books, one of which involved injuries to an 8-year-old boy hit by a car while playing hockey on Manley Street. The latter accident occurred shortly after 4 p.m., when David Anderson, 8, slipped and fell into a car driven by Dr. T. J. Johnston. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Anderson, David was one of a group of several lads engaged in a game of street “shinny” at that point.
  • Ten Years Ago This Week – 1948 – Fire damage, estimated at nearly $50,000, was caused to a three-roomed brick school at Perkinsfield. The fire broke out shortly after midnight. * * * Flos Township celebrated a century of municipal government. The first council meeting was held in 1847 at the old Hamilton Inn at Orr Lake. * * * Car license plates for 1948 were blue and white. Midland marker numbers began at 610-N-l, and Penetang 666-N-l. Motorists were again being provided with front and rear plates. During World War II and for two years afterward only rear markers were supplied. * * * Public works employees in Penetang were given a two and one-half cents per hour wage increase at the inaugural meeting of Penetang council. The council also decided to install its own gasoline pumps.  * * * A group of Simcoe County citizens, which included Dr. J. Small, Midland, and Rev. R. L. MacLaren, Penetang, planned to ask county council to establish a juvenile and family court for the county. * * * Indians at Christian Island were to have a registered nurse stationed on the reserve. * * * J. R. Parrott was elected chairman of the newly-formed Midland District High School Board. Vice Chairman was C. M. Vent, mayor of Midland in 1947. Other members of the board were J. Wells Hartman, T. M. McCullough, Rev. L. E. Gosselin, John Skelton, John C. Rumble, Dr. E. A. Grise and James Poppleton.

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