Denis Milton art exhibition opens tonight – Thursday October 4, 2012

Tonight the Huronia Museum will be opening its exhibition of the work of Dennis Milton, a local artist. Come to the museum between 7 and 9pm and meet the artist himself!

Local Midland artist Dennis Milton will feature some of his best works at a show that opens at Huronia Museum on Thursday, October 4 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Dennis has been painting since 1974 but really got going in the mid 1980’s with extensive acrylic works that were primarily abstract.  Dennis moved to Midland in 1996 and has an extensive gallery and studio in his home on King St.

Dennis really enjoys his work.  He says it puts him in a different, relaxed space so he can concentrate completely on expressing his own unique style of painting.  It is quiet and contemplative when he is working and he often works all night when he is inspired and “in the groove.”

Dennis invites all of his colleagues, friends and associates to the opening to view some of his best works that he has produced over the last twenty years.  Dennis will be on hand to greet his guests and talk about his unique style of art.

This exhibition runs until November 23, 2012.