Exhibit Training Available for Interested Members

Jamie Hunter and Nicole Henderson work on interpretive plan with Exhibit Designer, Bev Easton

Jamie Hunter and Nicole Henderson work on interpretive plan with Exhibit Designer, Bev Easton

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Bev Easton, an Exhibit Designer from Huntsville, Ontario, on creating a plan to redevelop our exhibit spaces and do some hands-on training. So far we have held one training session on creating an interpretive plan for an exhibit, which was not only a lot of fun but a great reminder of how important it is to carefully and strategically plan meaningful displays for visitors to our museum. It is not that easy to create a dialogue between a visitor and an artifact.

We are going to be having some more training sessions over the new few months and we are looking for volunteers who would be interested in participating in these session and becoming part of the museum’s exhibit development team. If you have an interest in working on new exhibits with us and learning about the different aspects of exhibit design (and there are many) contact us as soon as possible. Depending on when people are available to volunteer for the training sessions we will holding them either during the day, evenings or weekends. We can be reached via email at collections@huroniamuseum.com or on weekdays at 705-526-2844. Ask for either Nicole or Jamie.

Volunteers needed

Contact Jamie Hunter or Nahanni Born if you think you would like to volunteer in any capacity for Huronia Museum. Last year we had over 3,000 volunteer hours and so far this year we have logged over 500 hours of volunteer service. Even if you can only volunteer one hour a week – we need that hour. There are miles of glass that need cleaning, there is always dusting and cleaning the exhibits, there are maintenance issues that need to be addressed, there is research, working with collections, developing exhibits, weeding the gardens, dealing with the public in a variety of capacities, and public relations. All these areas need volunteer hours. If you can help please call Jamie or Nahanni at the Museum at 526-2844.