Photo Identification

2006 0020 1436

 Junior Choir of St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Midland, with new vestments for their annual children’s day service. Mrs. Spence Richardson organist and choir leader, on the right Rev. G. R. Stanley, rector.

2006-0020-1436 Free Press October 19th 1955

Tom Davis is identified as the second boy beside Rev. Stanley, eyes closed. Dave Brooks is identified as the first boy on the left in the second row, grinning. I believe the fourth girl from the left in the top row is Donna Bridges. Second from the left in the second row is Morley Bath.



26 thoughts on “Photo Identification

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  2. If there is any additional info at all, even “1956” or something printed on the photo, please include that as well. I thought I may have recognised someone from one of the photos in my mother’s album but not sure enough without parameters.

    • Patricia, in 2006 the museum received a large quantity of negatives from the Free Press, they are boxed by year and month and that is all the information we have. By scanning the microfilmed copies of the actual papers we can identify some, but not all the photos taken were used in the paper. The photos posted to date are from 1953 to 1955. Accession numbers (1 – 188) are 1953, (189 – 913) are 1954 and (914 – 1772) are 1955. I noticed this morning that the cars on the dock in photo three look newer than 1953, someone could help me with that.
      I do have more information than we are posting on some photos so if you have specific questions please ask.

      • I volunteer with the Penetanguishene Sports Hall of Fame. We are looking for an old photo of the Payette Racetrack. We though there may be one in the Free Press archives

  3. Picture #7 (left to right) Judy Wilson, ?, ?, Gary Yates, Frank Bumstead (b.1947)
    These children would have gone to Regent Public School.

      • Yes Jan that was me in the middle. The little girl on the right is Penny Lapere from Penetanguishene (Kay Lapere’s daughter).

  4. too bad these pictures couldn’t be posted to respective local facebook pages as well. I am sure there are many folks out there that could assist. keep up the good work Tom

    • Hi Christie, help me get the right face, is he standing just below the dark haired girl with the straight bangs, near the center? Thanks, Tom.

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