School Days 5

Today’s picture is a mate to yesterday’s scholarship photo. Both were taken the same night at the new municipal hall. This picture was published in the same edition of the County Herald on December 13th, 1957.

Both the School Board and Branch 545 of the Royal Canadian Legion presented scholarships to these young recipients. Mr. Bruce Duncan, Chair of the school board is seen here with the winners of school board awards. The caption is below the photo.

2006 0020 4080

Last Friday night saw a number of Port McNicoll students presented with scholarships by both the village school board and by the Port McNicoll branch of the Legion. President of the School Board, R. B. Duncan made the presentation to the four girls pictured. Molly Malone, Helen Rudy, Helen Kovalak and Mary Loney.

School Days 4

Today’s offering was first seen in the County Herald on December 13th, 1957 along with the caption below the photo.

I’m assuming that these scholarships are being presented at around the time of high school graduation, however, I’d love to have more information and detail. The December date is somewhat confusing. Perhaps they are connected to Remembrance Day.

Note the concept map of Paradise Point on the wall behind Sharron Armstrong. Please reply on the Facebook page if you have additional information to share.

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Four girls and one boy were presented with scholarships by Russell Coughlin, president, on behalf of the Port McNicoll Legion, in a ceremony at Port’s municipal office last Friday. Nancy Bell, Sharon Armstrong, Helen Rudy, Mr. Coughlin, Molly Malone and Kirk Mitchell.



School Days 3

Yet another in our continuing series of photos pertaining to Port McNicoll Public School and its students, this photo appeared in the May 3rd, 1957 edition of the County Herald. The caption is below the photo.

Mr. Bruce Duncan was the chair of the school board in 1957 and made his living as the supervisor and head painter in the CPR Paint Shop. He was known for his ability as a sign painter and his amateur artistic abilities. Along with his wife, Florence, he ran a small marina which began behind the CPR Paint Shop and then moved to the larger bay between what had been Swan Island and Dead Horse Island, just north of the slip. The young artist, Bob Duncan went on to become the first Fire Chief for the Township of Tay. His younger brother, Doug, otherwise known as Leftie, owned and operated Duncan’s Marina with his wife Vickie (nee, Tucker) and their two sons, just as his parents had done.2006-0020-3460 - Copy.JPG

Something extra at the Port McNicoll Public School open house was a display of oil paintings by 11 year old student Bobby Duncan. Last winter he took his first lessons in oil from Duncan Armbrest of Midland. Pictured are Mrs. Duncan, Douglas 8, Bobby, Mr. Armbrest and father Bruce Duncan.