Huron Village open

By chance I had two conversations with local residents who thought (incorrectly) that the Huron Village was not open and that the village long house was not open.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

The Huron Village is open, its longhouse is complete and can be entered and experienced.  Please come and visit.

Huronia Museum, Huron Village with longhouse



Carhagouha, Huron Village, site of first Catholic Mass in Ontario, Huronia Chapter of the OAS, at the museum on March 8th

On March 8, Image2012, John Raynor, President of the Huronia Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society and member of the board of the Huronia Museum, will speak beginning at 7 pm at the Huronia Museum on the difficulties of confirming the authentic location of the first Catholic Mass celebrated in Ontario in August of 1615 at the village of Carhagouha. Father Le Caron of the Recollects said the Mass. Samuel de Champlain was present. Free admission to the public for this presentation talk.


photo by William J. Gibson of the current site identified as Carhagouha in Tiny Township

The Village's New Bark

villae june2604

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Huronia Museum has recently purchased new elm bark to re-cover the remaining longhouse in its Huron Ouendat Village. Until 2007, all of the structures in the Huron Ouendat village were covered with organic Elm bark that was provided by a supplier near Cornwall, Ontario. This supplier has since retired and finding Elm trees, which have a circumference that would lend itself to building such impressive structures, are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in Ontario. Our new artificial Elm Bark now comes from a supplier in St. Louis, Missouri and is made of a rubber compound, which should ensure that this life-sized exhibit will last much longer with less maintenance.
The purchase of this bark was thanks to a grant received from the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Museums Assistance Program.