War of 1812 vintage Brown Bess Musket restored

The British Army’s Brown Bess Musket was in use for over a hundred years with many incremental changes in its design. These versions include the Long Land Pattern, Short Land Pattern, India Pattern, New Land Pattern Musket, Sea Service Musket and others. This type of musket would have been in use during the War of 1812 in Upper Canada.  Further research may  help place it precisely in the inventory of the British Forces of that era in Canada.

This is an India Pattern in .75 calibre with a 39 inch barrel. The metal portions are almost all original, the wood stock was replaced and a lot of clean up and the additon of a few appropriate small parts and some reproduction parts (leather sling, bayonet and sheath) and the great skill of gunsmith, John Mansell, brought the badly damaged original back to excellent condition. Thanks, John.

In the slide show below you will see Curator Jamie Hunter and Gunsmith John Mansell.

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Funding needed to purchase Vimy Ridge Hero collection

On May 28th an online auction will conclude for a collection of the service medals, badges and other materials of Lt. Kevin Stewart Drummond, who was born in Midland, Ontario. Your help in the form of funding donations is needed for the museum to purchase this collction. As of May 20th, the bidding stands at $2,200. The museum has just over $300 available for this purchase.  This collection is estimated to sell at over $5000.  The museum is co-operating with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 80 Midland in the effort to buy the collection.  The Town of Midland Council is considering financial support based on the response from the community.
Lieutenant Kevin Stewart Drummond


Honours and Awards: Military Cross

    a hero of Vimy Ridge who died on August 8, 1918
    enlisted with the 76th Battalion Barrie Ontario, served overseas with the 24th Battalion Victoria Rifles Montreal.

    WWI items consist of:

    1- Military cross
    2-Memorial cross
    3-War medal named to Lieut. K .S. Drummond
    4- Victory medal named to Lieut. K .S. Drummond
    5- Town of Midland welcome home medal
    6- bronze Death plaque with original cloth mailing sack
    7- 2 Victoria Rifles cap badges
    8- cap and collar badges for the 76th Midland
    9- CEF badge and collar
    10- German wood box found in trench
    11-1936 book Vimy pilgrimage
    12-copy of service papers
    13- binder with over 19 items
    many personal letters from the front to his mother and father which were transcribed by his mother from his original letters.

    Drummond medals

    Drummond medals

More Mohan Medals

James Mohan, the great grandson of Jame Mohan who served in the Boer War, see earlier blog post, has donated medals and other artifacts that belonged to his grandfather who fought at Hong Kong in the Second World War.