Photographic Exhibit: Alethia- to tell the truth

Nick Anest was born in Midland in 1929 to Greek immigrant parents who ran The Midland Candy Works.  The people of Midland knew Nick Anest as the proprietor of “Uptown Billiards”.

On June 17th we will celebrate Nick Anest, the amateur photographer, who recorded life in his hometown.  Nick’s photographs captured Midland in an historical and artistic light.  They captured the simple joys of the adults and children who lived in the town.  We hope that this exhibit will be seen as a celebration of pride in our town and of Canadian multiculturalism.

Photographic exhibit opens Friday, June 17, 2011 at 7:00 pm and runs until Monday, June 27, 2011.

 Huronia Museum

549 Little Lake Park Road, Midland Ontario


photos of Historic Huronia on flickr

Some time ago a non-profit and unofficial photo group was set up on the photo sharing community of FLICKR. Flickr has photos posted by amateur photographers from around the world.

This particular group has over 200 photographs of historic sites and scenes in Huronia.  You are welcome to view them by following the link below.

flickr photo group Historic Huronia

As of October 4, 2008 11 people belong to the group. It does not cost anything to join the group. To upload photos to flickr you need an account, a PC, internet connection, and the photos must belong to you.

P.S. as I understand it, pro level membership to flickr comes as part of the basic membership for people who pay for a Rogers email account.

alternate link to slide show