3 thoughts on “kick off

  1. Excellent job as usual Bill. Do you mind if I circulate this link a little further prehapsto the OAS Huronia Chapter members? I would encourage you to have the Museum place a link to this blog (even at the test stage) on thier website and I would further encourage you to offer your expertise to the webmaster at the museum in an effort to make thier site more visually pleasing and interactive.
    At this point I assume “posting” should be limited to authorized submitters or that an editorial process would be set up for post publishing.
    One editorial note; When I looked to the categories list and saw the category for I thought this might take me to the history of wood in Huronia? Prehaps J. W. should be added for those like me who do not always relate to the obvious.
    There are numerous other links that might be added such as the Champlain Society and the Jesuit Relations online. Some of these links will assist this site and hence the museum to be used as a research resource.
    Again; Good job and thanks,
    PS – Is there a spell check option for comments and postings on this blog. The lack of one may inhibit some of us learing impaired from participating.

  2. thanks for commenting, John.

    details first: Wood, the category split my first attempt “Wood, W.J.” into two categories “W.J.” and “Wood”. I just realized that I did not try natural order “W.J. Wood”. I will try that.

    spell check, well, one thought is to use your word processor to prepare a post, spell check there, then copy and paste it into the post window on the blog.

    the purpose(s) of this blog are still fuzzy

  3. I think the blog should be circulated to the Museum Board and staff for comment and in fact to the museum membership as and FYI.

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