3 thoughts on “Midland Public Library Building – 1914

  1. We have at the Museum, in our MUNDY’S BAY STORE,
    a matted and shrink-wrapped Limited Edition Print of the Midland Library.
    The Print is a beautifully rendered pencil drawing by artist Jim Farthing and is part of an edition of 300.
    It is 16X20 and retails for $39.95 E-mail Karley for ordering or further details.

  2. I found your website by link from another website ( http://www.lanouvelle-france.com/ ).

    This site had an enormous amount of information regarding the history of French Tomahawks and axes. the site has not been available for some time. Perhaps there was a book written or the site has moved. I would very much like to know further information regarding this. Perhaps you can be of help. Perhaps not. Thank you for your time. Yes I am a blacksmith.

  3. I am searching for other Huron peoples who are willing to share knowledge of traditional Huron teachings. Most of us seem to have been absorbed by the Six Nations and to have lost our own identity…

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