Film Series – When Did You Last See Your Father?

Just a reminder that we do have a film again this Wednesday, 7:00 at the Galaxy Theatre.  Individual tickets are here at the museum and of course, available at the door after 6:00 on Wednesday.  This week’s movie is called When Did You Last See Your Father? starring Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent


When Did You Last See Your Father? directed by Armand Tucker

Ireland/U.K., 92 minutes, 14A — Cast: Colin Firth, Jim Broadbent, Juliet Stevenson, Gina McKee, Claire Skinner
At eight years old Blake is a sensitive child afflicted with a father he views as an ogre. His father Arthur is revealed to be a self-centred man looking to get something for nothing. Dominated by Arthur’s personality, Blake grows in an introverted man who is forced to try and let go of the past to make peace with his father when Arthur becomes ill.
All about the relationship between father and son and a child’s ability to overcome the sins of the father, When Did You Last See Your Father? avoids falling into sentimentality and opts for a feeling of deep meditation on regret, contradictions, frustrations, love and loss, but most importantly the complicated relationships most of us have with our parents.
Anand Tucker was born in Bangkok and studied film at the University of Westminster. He began his career working for the BBC. He was a producer on the film Girl with a Pearl Earring. His other feature film credits include Saint-Ex (96), Hilary and Jackie (98), Shopgirl (05).
Gillian Ross
Education Coordinator
705 526 2844

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