Huronia Museum launches HUMM – new fundraising program!

HUMM Label

Huronia Museum is home to over 1,000,000 artifacts. The museum’s collection grows every year with new donations arriving almost daily. We are only able to keep a small percentage of our collection on exhibit for visitors to enjoy.
Our Curator, Collections Manager and collections department volunteers have been working with an exhibit design firm to create a plan to refurbish the existing exhibits with new and fresh ideas for visitors to Huronia Museum. The plan was finished in early 2009 and now the staff and volunteers are anxious to get started on new exhibits. Of course change always costs money. Your donation of a few pennies will help us to reach our goal of ten million pennies so we can purchase building materials to build new exhibits, create more storage space on the floor, repair our exhibit cases and help to keep the museum’s collections accessible to the community.
Please contact the museum’s Curator, Jamie
or Collections Manager, Genevieve Carter at 705-526-2844 for further information.

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