Photo of Curator J. Hunter and long-time tree bark supplier Ed LePage

L. Jamie Hunter, Curator, R. Ed LePage, holding some of the tree bark

Ed is from the Cornwall, Ontario area and has been supplying tree bark for the Huron Village since 1972. Recently for exterior cover of the long house, the museum has switched to a man-made rubber bark, but continues to use natural tree bark for all interior coverings of the long house and other smaller shelters in the Huron Village. Natural tree bark lasts 6-8 years, rubber bark is hoped to last 25 years.

The bark used in the village comes from elm, basswood, and ash trees.

Ed has supplied tree bark to Ste. Marie Among the Hurons since 1970. He is 73 years young and enjoys getting double the money from his firewood business, money from the wood and money from the bark.

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