News from the Curator

Jamie Hunter, Curator
-from his monthly report to the Museum Board –
Parks Canada will be holding its third meeting towards developing a Heritage Integrity Statement for the St. Louis Historic Site located in Tay Township on Monday, October 26th. This has been a very valuable process as it has brought Huron and Ojibway representatives to discuss Heritage issues – a process which the museum will need to do once we begin the re-design of our Native exhibits.
• I attended the Ontario Archaeological Society meetings at the University of Waterloo on Friday, October 16 through 18. I had made arrangements to sell a large quantity of museum books and we had sales of $700 to Karley’s store and $600 for the endowment fund. My thanks to Mike Serafin for organizing the books and selling them each day while I attended the meetings and discussions and continue to offer the museum’s collections to graduate students for research purposes.
• I attended a Tiny Township Heritage Committee meeting on Thursday October 15 from 5.15 to 7.15 in which I participated in a presentation on archaeological preservation and a possible “Champlain project” for the 400th anniversary celebrations in 2015.
• I have delivered two off-site lectures on the Huron Village/Huron History to 27 members of the Simcoe County Historical Association at the Simcoe County Museum on October 20th and to 45 members of Orillia Museum of Art and History on October 21 on the same subject

A steady stream of objects are making their way to the museum. Another collection of medals from Rose McComb’s husband, Murray, is now at the museum, Gary French has donated some outstanding items – a work chest, a detailed book of Georgian Bay shoreline, a half model of a Grew Boat Works Co product. We will want to schedule a final 2009 exhibit committee meeting for the end of November to go over all new acquisitions.
Genevieve and I (Jamie) have installed an exhibit for BMPO and TD which highlights our military medals collection.
Drummond medals update: we have received 750.00 from two donors recently to bring our total raised so far to $2050.00. We also have a commitment from Peter Shirriff for $1000 and the local Masons are contributing $1000. I have heard from Elcan who will also contribute but Mr Hibbs wasn’t sure how much the company would contribute. We are also asking for funds from the Town of Midland – $2500. Rotary Club of Midland – $2500 and casino Rama $2500. I am confident we will reach our objective by the end of the year.

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