Film Series Nov. 11 Food, Inc.

Nov. 11 Food, Inc. 7:30 PM

Robert Kenner
94 minutes, USA, NR Cast: Eric Schlosser, Michael Pollan

nov11Modern techniques in food production pose grave risks to our health and environment. Food, Inc., exposes how unfettered corporations subvert laws and commandeer subsides in the creation of shocking monopolies. Focus on global criminal Monsanto, a corporate monster that has expanded its control over soybeans from 2% of the American market to 90% in the last decade. Monsanto is a modern day evil Goliath crushing small family farm Davids. This film portrays stories of heartbreak and outrage, but the film carefully channels these emotions towards opportunities for activism. Bon appetit!
Director Filmography Robert Kenner began his career in 1971 and is an Emmy- winning American screenwriter, director and producer for both film and television. He has produced a number of documentaries for the National Geographic Society. For PBS he has done The Road to Memphis (2003) for The Blues series and the 2005 Vietnam War documentary, Two Days in October.

Season subscription 5 films $40
individual ticket 1 film $9
Individual tickets are available during the week prior to the film at the Huronia Museum or are sold subjec to availability at the door of the Galaxy Theatre.

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