Astronomy Night this Saturday

Astronomer Chris Chisholm tells us what we can expect from Astronomy Night at the Huronia Museum.

Celebrate National Astronomy Day at the Huronia Museum with local amateur Astronomers!   Join us at 549 Little Lake Park Road, Midland on Saturday, May 22, 2010 !

Indoor discussion on the basics of astronomy, then out under the stars with a variety of telescopes. Admission $5.00 per person, starting at 8 p.m. Indoor portion will go on, rain or shine.  Please contact Huronia Museum for information at (705) 526-2844.

NOTE: This video accidentally used the spelling “Chisolm,” rather than the correct “Chisholm.”   We apologize to Mr. Chisholm for the error.

One thought on “Astronomy Night this Saturday

  1. good job, Bryan!
    Love the music.
    this event is awesome. We had over 75 people attend last year! Hope everyone can make it again.

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