One thought on “Donald Pettit Art Show Reception

  1. Don has really been very hard at work since his last show, which, if memory serves me well, was at least a year ago at the Carriage House Gallery. Prices have risen slightly, and, if you consider that Don does not live on grants, the level they are reaching is modest by any standard.
    Interestingly, the subject matter is local and recognizable, with many landmarks included ( perhaps the reason for the name! ).
    Technique and execution show mastery of his subject and a sensitivity to the landscape. I especially liked the trees with their interlocking branches.
    I note that many of the paintings are without vanishing points in the traditional sense, rather Don has used horizon lines and the painting technique to give the illusion of depth. It is a very playful method whereby the viewer is drawn into the canvas and to the center of the picture. Think of the rocky shoreline painting with all the stones gathering together to give the viewer a sense of depth. It was one of the first sold, of a fair number sold in total on the opening night!
    Kudos to Don and Huronia Museum for the courage to mount a living, contemporary painter!

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