48-Hour Film Challenge

Are you a local film maker looking for a challenge?  Step right up.

Think you’ve got what it takes to make a film in 48 hours?  Prove it.

What: 48-Hour Film Challenge.  Make a movie in only 48 hours.

Where: Huronia Museum and Ouendat Village, Midland, Ontario

When: Filming – November 19-21.  Screening – November 26.  Deadline for registering your team is November 12.

Cost: The team entry fee is $20, and includes entry to the festival, a blank DVD for submitting your film, and two tickets to the screening.

Tickets for the screening are $10 each.

How: Find a team of ten people or fewer.  This includes everyone that will be involved in the making of your film, such as writers, camera operators, actors, etc.  (You may have to take on multiple roles.)  Choose a team leader.  Your team leader is responsible for registering your team and paying the team entry fee before the November 12th deadline.

On November 19, all teams will meet at the Huronia Museum at 6:30 PM to fill in their registration forms.  At 7:00 PM, each team will receive their challenge pack, which will contain the following four things:

1)      A genre (Example:  Romance, Sci-Fi, horror, etc.)

2)      A theme (Example:  Jealousy, double-cross, love, etc.)

3)      A word or phrase that must be included in your film

4)      A prop that must feature somehow in your film

At this point, you will have until 7:00 PM on Sunday, November 21 to complete your film and deliver it to the designated drop-off location.  All entries received after that time are not eligible for competition, but may be screened at the discretion of the festival organizers.

You may record your film in any format you wish, but the competed film must be delivered on the DVD provided to you as an .avi, .mov, .mp4, or .mpeg file of the highest quality possible.  This will be projected on screening night, so make it look good!

So gather your friends, grab your camera and get yourself down to the Huronia Museum.  Be creative and have fun!

For more information about the 48-Hour Film Challenge, call Bryan at the Huronia Museum at (705) 526-2844 or email compley@gmail.com.

Registration Form (PDF)

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