Conversation with a Copeland descendant

curator Jamie Hunter with Paul Copeland

On February 14, 2012, Paul Copeland visited the Huronia Museum and had an interesting conversation with curator Jamie Hunter about the Copeland family and its important role in the business history of the area (the Copeland Flour Milling Company Ltd).  Mr. Copeland is a descendant of George Copeland.  The family is sorting through the papers of a family member who recently passed away and is considering sharing some of the family history material with the museum.

Coldwater Mill 1833 grist mill, Coldwater, Ontario — on the mill you can read this historic plaque text:  In 1830 Indians of the surrounding region were gathered on a reserve along a newly opened road connecting The Narrows (Orillia) and Coldwater. The superintendent, Capt. Thomas Gummersal Anderson and a band of Ojibwa under Chief Aisance, settled in Coldwater. Land-hungry settlers influenced the government to move the Indians to Rama and Beausoleil Island 1838-39. This grist-mill, financed with Indian funds, was constructed by Stephen Chapman, Jacob Gill and others in 1833. The mill was sold to George Copeland in 1849 and has been in operation for over 125 years.

Coldwater grist mill 1833

Today, a small cafe operates in the mill at the end facing the camera.

Both photographs by William J. Gibson

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