Welcome to the New HuroniaMuseum.com!

HuroniaMuseum.com has moved!  Here!

Welcome to the new Huronia Museum website.  Our old site is still up on WordPress, but we will be updating this one from here on out.  Please update your bookmarks if necessary.

What do all these changes mean?  First of all, if you look up to the top of the screen you will see that it now reads “huroniamusem.com” and not some other convoluted address.  Some website visitors had told us that the old one was clunky and unprofessional-looking.  We agreed!  We’ve also changed the look and feel of the site to make it easier to navigate and find what you want and/or need.  More features will be added in the coming days and weeks.

But we can use your help!  Give the new site a test drive and let us know if you find anything amiss.  Also let us know if there are any features you would like to see added (or subtracted!).  You can add comments to this post (or whichever post you spot problems on.)

Thanks for visiting HuroniaMuseum.com.  We look forward to serving you on the ‘net!

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