About our Family Day Storytellers

This Monday is Family Day in Ontario, and Huronia Museum is celebrating by hosting an afternoon of storytelling from 1pm to 4pm (More info about the event here).

Here’s a little bit about each of our three featured storytellers.


ann2Originally from Thunder Bay, Ann McDougall  is a Toronto-based storyteller, writer, theatre artist and arts educator.  Her storytelling has been featured in at the Toronto Festival of Storytelling, Toronto Arts Week, the RED Festival and on CBC Radio.  She has also been the co-curator of the SPEAK storytelling series in Toronto.

Her most recent work, Floating City is an in-depth look at the lesser-known history of Hamilton, Ontario.

You can hear an excerpt from her performance of Count the Stars, that she performed at the Festival of Oral Literature, here.

Michael SerafinMichael Serafin is a life-long Midlander, and proud of it!  In his role as a museum educator at Huronia Historical Parks for the past 25 years, Michael has acted as storyteller to countless families, using he keen sense of imagination and wit.

Michael is the former editor of Pen Dragons Magazine of short fiction and has been a featured storyteller at the SPEAK storytelling series in Toronto.  He is also a battle-hardened veteran of the 24-Hour Toronto Film Challege, where he has been instrumental in three separate entries.

Mr. Serafin is also a founding member of VideoYEAH, an online comedy troupe that has been active since 2002.  Watch VideoYEAH’s Chess, Please!  (Featuring Michael and fellow Family Day storyteller, Bryan Piitz.)

Piitz_BryanbBryan Piitz has worked at Huronia Museum since 2010.  His role in the Education Department has him telling stories almost every day, be it to a tour group, a classroom or as host of The Huronia Museum Show, an online series of videos about the history of Huronia.

During the museum’s popular day camp programs, Bryan has developed a series of stories featuring recurring characters, frontiersman Wedgewood and his dog, Yellowbelly, that have become favourites among the campers.  He will share some of those stories on Monday.

Bryan is also an award-winning film maker and video artist.  Watch part 1 of his “Penguin Facts” comedy series.

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