Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe December 24th to 31st 1954

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2006 0020 1817
Joseph and Maude Belfry celebrate 60th anniversary. Married December 26th 1894 and earning $12/mth for the first three years Joseph supplemented his income by shovelling gravel or other road work at 10 cents per hour. The Belfry’s were a pioneer family in the Vasey area, Joseph’s dad Jacob and uncle George were the first white settlers and Joseph and his 8 siblings attended Russell’s school in Vasey. When he was 10 the family moved to a farm on the 6th concession of Tay where not one tree had ever been cut. The couple lived on the homestead before moving to Midland  thirty years ago. Twenty two of those years he has worked for the Midland Park Commission and retired eight years ago. The Belfry’s had three children, one son Everton died in 1947, Eldon with whom they reside at 233 Dominion Ave and Hazel, Mrs. Sterling MacDonald of Vasey. 2006 0020 1608
No whiskers or red suits but these members of the Midland Lions Club did manage to brighten Christmas for thirty local families who needed some support. Pictured loading a truck with boxes of food are Jack Frame, Bob Stanway, Jim Moss, Bill Hack and Harold McAllen.  
2006 0020 0815
The most popular fellow in the country last week, Santa found time to pay a pre-Christmas visit to the Midland YMCA at a party sponsored by the Midland Y’s Mens Club. On Santa’s knee is John Thompson while waiting  from left to right are Karl McAllen, Ken Trew, Tommie Attridge and Betty Ann McCullough. News Items

  • Only one paper this week due to Boxing Day holiday on the 27th
  • Host of gifts await first babies in Penetang and Midland
  • Wm E. Root 81 dies of a heart attack in Mackie’s Tobacco shop
  • Long time friend of Mr. Root, Edmond Brodeur dies on the same evening
  • Candidates for local council place ads and photos in paper
  • Capt Mike Chretien catches 75 lb Sturgeon at Thunder Bay
  • 10 years ago Dr. Garnet Tanner sells the 19 yr old Georgian Hotel to manager William McArthur.
  • Vehicle licences go on sale Jan 3rd at 321 King opposite Boyd’s service station, Alex MacIntosh issuer.

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