Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe 1955 April 9th to 16th

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 2006 0020 1084

 From Midland and Penetang, tops in the Midland Music Festival these 19 musicians were awarded scholarships at the “Stars of the Festival” concert, March 31st. Back row; Fred Gaviller, Gary Flynn, John Arpin, Peter Bramah, Doug Setterington, Mary Popple and Doris Hyde. Front row; Keith Craig, Jim Cleaver, Jane Crawford, Andy Zgudziak, Maureen Belfry, Eleanor Boden, Elizabeth Cleaver, Eleanor Paice, Maureen Jeffery, Anne Webster, Elizabeth Cowan and Robin Ann Allsopp.


2006 0020 11232006 0020 1124

 Champion egg hunters. Y’s Men sponsored a huge Easter egg hunt in Little Lake Park Saturday morning. Metal tokens were hidden throughout the park, exchangeable for prizes later. Several of the tokens were punched with a series of holes entitling the finder to the main prizes. A large candy firm had donated 7,000 chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits and kiddy-pops to towns from Montreal to Windsor, such as Sudbury, Peterborough, Guelph, Acton, Brantford, etc. Public and separate school children up to grade six were allowed to participate.

Margitta Litchtenfeld got the main prize, Lynn McAllen, Ricky Hanes and Bob Mathis received main prizes, everyone who took part took something home.


2006 0020 1085

Midland District High School Glee Club perform at the “Stars of the Festival” on March 31st at the YMCA. Called the “Choraleers” their director is Alex Docherty.


  • Lewis Livingston, well known Midland businessman dies in car crash north of Barrie, survived by his wife and three sons, Leo, Herman and Mike. Mike was the first Midlander to enlist in WW2.
  • Penetang contractor Howard W. Way awarded $25,000.00 contract for flooring, siding and roofing on 186 homes to be built at CFB Borden.
  • Henri (Harry) Carriere, 65 year old Highland Point resident drowns when his wooden boat is crushed by the ice in Penetang harbour
  • Council told that 46 Dollartown properties average only $22.00 in taxes compared to the norm of $80.00. Assessments from $260.00 to $100.00.
  • Effective May 1st nursing rates have been raised; $10 for 8 hour regular cases, $11 for 8 hour Psychiatric, Alcoholic and Communicable disease cases.
  • Obituaries; Walter Drinkill nee Alice Jane Moody, Waverley aged 72; Stephen Lahey, Perkinsfield; Mrs. Joseph Lortie nee Philomene Bourgeois; Mrs. Nelson Ambeau Midland, born 1882 at French River; Harry A. Barnett, born December 8, 1876 in Waubaushene, married Clara E. Grant, predeceased by son Len, survived by grandchildren Bill & Gwen.

 2006 0020 1128

Young orators speak to Midland Y’s Mens Club at their regular meeting. Alice Campbell, Midland, Martin Gouett, Waubaushene, Nancy Rose, Fesserton, teacher Frank Powell MDHS, back row, Hartmut Bezner and Ron Blair both of Midland.

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