Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe 1955 May 8th to the 15th

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 2006 0020 1190

Children line up at the Midland Armory to receive their first Salk polio vaccine shots. Mrs. Grace Gillies and Miss Bessie Smith both of the Collingwood toxoid team of the Simcoe County Health Unit.

 2006 0020 1193

Gerald (Jerrold) Karch watches unflinchingly as Dr. G. E. Moodie of the Simcoe County Health Unit administers a Salk polio vaccine while nurse Grace Gillies of Collingwood prepares another dose. Hundreds of children received their first shots this week.

 2006 0020 1194

Midland City sits forlorn at Midland town dock after fifty years of plying the waters between Midland and Parry Sound, familiar to all cottagers, locals and tourists. No longer a viable business her fittings were sold at auction and the hull which was purchased by Arthur “Frenchy” Grondin was towed by Ernie Edwards and Bev’s Marine to the mouth of the Wye River and burned to the water line. Mr. Grondin plans to salvage her metal hull plates. Built in the British Isles in 1887 she was brought to Canada in sections and named the “Maud”. In the winter of 1894-5 she was rebuilt, lengthened and renamed the “America” and cruised the St. Lawrence under that name. Her dimensions were; length 149 feet, breadth 33 feet, gross tonnage 580 tons.  The City of Dover was also sold out of the area in 1955.

 2006 0020 1189

Only the first week of May but the unseasonably warm weather has made Little Lake warm enough for Linda Discepolo and Roma Toutant, both of Midland, to swim. Editor noted elsewhere in the paper that the girls were reluctant to have their photo taken as they were swimming without their parents’ permission.

 2006 0020 1171

Midland and District High School Cadet Corps NCO’s. Front row,  CQSM Jim Farmer, SSM John Deakos, SSM Don Anderson, RSM Bob Abbott, SSM Ken MacEachern, SSM Glen Nicholls, back row, Sgts. Hartmut Bezner, Len Woods, Bill Wagg, Paul Bissette, Rodger Gray, Ron Blair and Peter Brown.

 2006 0020 1185

Pouring new cement in front of the Penetang Midland Coach Line terminal on the southwest corner of Midland Avenue and Bay Street. Part of town engineer R. M. White’s plan to find work for men coming off unemployment. Six inches of reinforced concrete nine feet wide with two inches of cold mix asphalt on top along the west side of Midland Avenue from Bay to Yonge Streets. Parts of Elizabeth and Dominion are getting the same treatment.

Roxy Theater; Ma & Pa Kettle at Waikiki starring Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride
Gone With The Wind starring Clark Gable & Vivian Leigh

 Midland Drive In; Abbott & Costello in Dr. Jekle & Mr. Hyde also starring Boris Karloff
Hell Below Zero starring Alan Ladd

Pen Theatre; Texas Trail with William Boyd
Valley of Head Hunters with Johnny Weissmuller
All Ashore with Mickey Rooney 

  • Midland Citizens Band wins top honours at Grey County music festival, prepare for CNE competition
  • Largest Cadet Corps in MPDHS history, over 200 cadets will parade at May 18th inspection
  • H. Jory Ltd. is selling 16 various drugs needed around the farm, Scourex for Scours, Lax-a-Tex for constipation, Ringtex for ringworm, Fertilex for retained after birth etc.
  • Jeffery’s Hardware is offering the fully featured McLary refrigerator for $264.95
  • Beauchamp’s Electric is offering R.C.A. Victor refrigerators for $229.50
  • Mayor commends Y’s Mens Club on their new Indian Village project at the town park, “will be a big asset to the town”
  • $25,000.00 damage to Nap Beauchamp Construction shop on Church St. worst fire in Penetang since the skating rink burned in 1946
  • Jeffery’s Hardware ships order for four sets of #5 horse shoes and eight sets of #4’s to Dauphin Manitoba
  • 25 years ago; the highway bridge over the Wye River at the Shrine collapses as an 18 ton shovel owned by King Construction crosses it on route to Midland, no one injured
  • To be ordained – 25 year old Joseph Marchand to be ordained at the Church of the Holy Cross, Lafontaine, by James Cardinal McGuigan. He obtained his B. A. in 1950, his PHL. in 1951 and his M. A. and Licentiate in Sacred Theology in 1955.
  • Harvey Ellison has nearly completed his new Motel (Shamrock) on Yonge Street West overlooking Little Lake
  • Willard Duquette, 18 year old grade 11 student wins top honours in the French speaking section of the Ontario – Quebec public speaking contest in Oshawa, Helen Henderson, Penetang, 14 year old grade 9 student took third place being bested by a 21 year old university student from Quebec City
  • Richard Moreau, 21, a graduate of the Lafontaine Secondary School in 1949 has graduated from Ecole Poly-technique with a B.A. Sc. and a diploma in electro-mechanical engineering
  • Midland public works superintendent R. M. White has tendered his resignation, will take a job with the Town of Aurora
  • new one room school opens just off Hwy 92 west of Elmvale, SS 19 Flos

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  1. Fabulous pictures and memories with so much excellent information. Thanks for the reminder of the good old times.

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