Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – Feb 23rd to the 29th 1956

2006 0020 2105 William Barnett’s grade six class is seen rehearsing a play in the Parkview School auditorium, their goal is to raise money for the junior Red Cross. Barbara Day, Judy Crawford, Brigitta Dawe, Bernice Chapman, Peggy Jones, Kirk Weldon and Verne Kettle; front, David Simmonds, Peter Moss, David Magloughlin, David Lamb and Bill Doherty.

 2006 0020 2088 Gymnasium of Parkview Public School, recently taken over by teachers and pupils of Midland’s Sixth Street School provides plenty of room for a grade four square dancing class, directed by teacher John Lyle. 

2006 0020 2103Former Sixth Street School students have a wealth of facilities in their new home, the former Midland High School on Yonge Street, the home economics room is great for sewing and knitting. June Elliot, Joy Elliot, Patsy O’Hara, Betty Kettle and Carol Weatherell.

 2006 0020 2104 Formerly one of the science rooms in the old high school, this room is being used for art classes in the newly named Parkview School. Joyce Somers, Judy Somers, Jerry Witig, Charles Ward, Larry O’Hara, Barbara Stainton and Rose Windover.

 2006 0020 2786 Winner of the spelling bee at the Port McNicoll public school was Sandra Lattimore, a grade six pupil at Old Fort School. Sandra outlasted seven other contestants, most form higher grades. Standing behind her, father Murray Lattimore, seated are spell master John Hart, and her teacher Miss Doreen Barrick. 

2006 0020 2785 Students at MPDHS were served hot meals from the kitchen of the new school in Tay Township for the first time this week. Sizzling cube steaks were on the first day’s menu and Mrs. Alex Pownell, head cook, is seen preparing a batch for hungry students. The exhaust system had not been connected yet and the smoke and odour filled the kitchen and the cafeteria.

 2006 0020 2274 One of 59 Canadian Scouts and Cubs to be honoured for bravery, Brian St. Amand admires the letter of commendation he received from the Deputy Chief Scout of Canada, for saving the life of his eight year old brother Peter.

 Leap Year 2006 0020 2800 Leap year baby, Capt. C. H. Webb, Victoria Harbour broom factory operator, points to the magic date on which he was born. Father of Ken and Dan. 

2006 0020 2766Several people in Midland have birthdays today, February 29th. This aunt – nephew combination of Phil Lemieux, Third Street and Bill Wright of Fourth Street are two of them. 

2006 0020 2788Ian Vasey, 2 1/2 years old, with his sister Hazel, 5, and his mother Mrs. Ted Vasey, who despite having four children is celebrating her ninth birthday today, February 29th. 

2006 0020 2796 David Kenneth Ritchie of Concession 7, Flos, has waited four years for his first birthday. Seen with his mom, Mrs. Ken Ritchie and his brother Paul Donald, 2 1/2. He has another brother, Robert John, who is only two months old. 

2006 0020 2795 Looking sharp for a rare birthday party is Brian McGrath, 8, of Flos Township, seen with his mother, Mrs. Rupert McGrath. Brian is one of three youngsters born on February 29th in the Elmvale area.

2006 0020023Balm Beach in its winter dress, all that is missing are a couple of polar bears swimming in the open pool in the foreground. Further evidence that Huronia is a beautiful place all year around. 

  • Pete Pettersen, Midland’s Mr. “Ski,” told Midland Kiwanians at their luncheon in the Georgian Hotel Monday, that tentative plans are being studied for a summer ski jumping competition this year at the new 60 metre jump in Tiny Township.
  • Arthur Gardiner, president of the Tiny and Tay Agricultural Society, told a meeting of the fair’s board of directors last week that the Midland fair ranked third in the province in total gate receipts and was one of the few Ontario fairs to show a profit last year.
  • Special ice auger has been flown in from St. Paul, Minnesota, to drill the holes needed for the Penetang Winter Carnival ice fishing derby. Hundreds of lines are being prepared, which entrants will use, complete with hook, line and sinker, wound on a stick imprinted with “Penetang Winter Carnival, 1956”.
  • Most North Simcoe Mayors and Reeves support the recent proposal to instate two year terms instead of one for all municipal councils in Ontario.
  • The Coldwater News was sold this week by Frank Williams, publisher for the past 9 1/2 years, to youthful partners Norman Similas and Kenneth Jennings from the Toronto area.
  • Wallace Hook, son of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Hook of Midland, has been appointed a junior partner in the firm of A. F. MacLaren and Company, chartered accountants, Barrie. Wallace is married to the former Patricia Hodges of Midland.
  • Oils and water colours, certificates, properly framed. J. W. Bald, 274 Fourth Street, Midland.
  • Mrs. Adolph Hubert, nee Mary Louise Dube died February 18th of a heart attack. Born in Victoria Harbour, in 1910 she married Adolph Hubert in Penetang. Pallbearers were six nephews, George and Bruce Dunn, Thomas Davidson, Alfred Linton, Medas Boucher and Gordon Logan.
  • The Third Company of the Penetang Girl Guides will be in charge of the first aid tent at the Winter Carnival Saturday. In addition they will operate a refreshment booth serving hot coffee and snacks.
  • Rain, sleet, snow and ice caused the postponement of the Penetang Winter Carnival. Worst spot in North Simcoe Saturday was the “Angels Hill” on Hwy 27 just south of Penetang. From 1 PM until midnight hundreds of cars battled continuously to get in or out of town. Organizers re-scheduled for next Saturday.
  • For the first time in six years a July 12th celebration will be held in Midland. Officers and members of Maple Leaf LOL No. 947 Midland, are completing plans to observe the 266th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.
  • Four skunks were seen crossing King Street near the Roxy Theatre by Mayor Parker. “I am told they come to lick the grease pails at the back of Holders Bakery”, the mayor told this newspaper.
  • Par Auto Electric at 244 Bay Street is advertising 45 plate car batteries, guaranteed for 48 months, installed for $11.95. Exchange price for most makes of generators is now $10.85 plus installation.
  • Two Penetang couples, Mr. & Mrs. Basil McLaughlin nee Shirley Logan and Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Moreau were married on February 29th. The McLaughlin’s due to army red tape and the Moreau’s realized too late the significance of the date. Lost in love!
  • The Department of National Revenue, Taxation Division, will be in Midland March 5 -9, to assist taxpayers in preparing their 1955 Income Tax Returns. You are invited to take advantage of this free service at the Midland Post Office.
  • Federal transport minister George C. Marler predicts ” a major drop in rail grain traffic” through Georgian Bay and Lake Huron ports when the new Seaway opens. Currently the large lake boats cannot transit below Prescott.
  • Lloyd Letherby pilots a bill through the Legislature that allows the township of Mara to exempt the Presbyterian Church camp, Glen Mohr from land taxes. The ten acre property was donated to the church by the late Mrs. James Playfair.
  • Roger Brisbois and Len Carter buy the former Pete LePage service station business and re-name it Huronia Motors.

One thought on “Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – Feb 23rd to the 29th 1956

  1. good stuff. loved the furniture, especially those old rose-coloured sofas. we had one. everybody did. notice too that folks got all dressed up, men with ties-when they got their pix in the paper. and I guess three skunks running across the main street was big news in those days. maybe they were running away from the mayor. just sayin’.

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