Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – May 16th to 23rd 1956

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2006 0020 2310 Peaceful union action in Midland during current seaman’s strike occurred as men walked off the barge Portadoc and the freighter Quedoc of the Paterson Line which were moored at the Simcoe Elevator.

 2006 0020 2277 Sponsor of the HMCS Cormorant, Mrs. Murray Wagg, left, is seen in the act of launching the new 92 foot vessel at the Midland Boat Works Tuesday morning. Mr. Tom M. McCullough president of the firm is seen on the lower right. In the background, Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Thompson, George Ross and Murray Wagg. Mrs. Wagg missed on the first attempt.

 2006 0020 2276 Launching of the HMCS Cormorant from the Midland Boat Works yard went smoothly until the last when the stern became stuck in the mud and the ship had to be towed the last few yards by the CSL tug Tiffin. 

 2006 0020 23492006 0020 2341
2006 0020 2345 2006 0020 2347 2006 0020 2342
 Nearly 3000 members of eight Roman Catholic parishes in North Simcoe took part in a rosary rally at Midland Sunday afternoon. Bandsman of the De La Salle Oaklands Band, Toronto, provided music for the procession from St. Margaret’s Church to the Midland Town Park. A section of the 1,500 men, women and children in the parade is seen moving up King Street. Msgr. J. A. McDonagh, guest speaker is seen before the alter as he addresses the crowd.

2006 0020 2293Captains of four winning teams in Midland`s Little Hockey League this past season are seen with the trophies presented at a hockey banquet sponsored by the Midland Lion’s Club at the Georgian Hotel Thursday night. Brian Dubeau whose Providence Reds won the American League title; Sheldon Hanes of the Windsor Bulldogs winners in the senior “A” section; Sandy Campbell of the National League winners, Boston Bruins and John Blake whose Kitchener Canucks won the junior “A” honours. Coaches Art Richards and Wray Faint in the background.

 2006 0020 2298 Top scorers in their divisions of Midland`s Little Hockey League are seen above. Bernie Montgomery and Jim Lethbridge who shared the honours in the American League; Buzz Deschamps who scored 45 goals in Senior “A” play and Mike Dubeau who topped the scorers in the junior “A” section.

 2006 0020 2339Four members of the winning team of the Junior “A” Little Hockey League championship in Parry Sound last month in their new jackets presented by the town at a banquet held for them. More than 300 boys played hockey this winter sponsored by Branch 80 RCL and the Midland Lions Club. Paul DeVillers, Wayne Holden, Dennis Abbott and team captain John Swan.

 2006 0020 2308Two canoes lashed to the pontoons of the Georgian Bay Airways Norseman will be used for fishing in Algonquin Park by these Midlanders. Doug Haig, Frank Hartman, Toots Wallace all seated on the dock and David Haig back to the camera on the right. Down to see them off are Clark Edwards standing left, Win Smith, Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. David Haig and Mrs. (Ruth) Doug Haig. Heavy ice on the lakes of Algonquin Park has long delayed this trip.

 2006 0020 2302 Speckled and Rainbow Trout in the Sturgeon River will not be attacked by the Lamprey Eels tacked on the boards pictured. Nearly 200 have been trapped by Robert Thompson whose farm is on the 8th Concession of Tay, adjoining the river. Nearly 1500 suckers have also been removed to the delight of local fishermen. The eels range from 9.5 to 22 inches in length.

 2006 0020 2307Fireworks planning by the Midland Jaycee’s with help from the Lion’s Club for the fourth year. Ray Smith, Dan Webb, Charlie Scott, Lee McIntyre and J. B. Reynolds. Mr. McIntyre represents the Lions Club.

 2006 0020 2320Shriner’s gift a life saver for the community, a $600.00 piece of equipment they hope will never be used. The new resuscitator inhalator replaces one provided by the Midland Shriners several years ago that has been responsible for saving several lives. The new unit is totally automatic. Erwin Jackman, firefighter John Small,  mayor Charles Parker, Fire Chief Arnold Tippin, Shriner’s George Ross and the present head of Shriners, Thomas Wilcox.

 2006 0020 2163 Midland Planing Mills Limited have remodeled their showroom with many new displays and products. A multiple page article was included in the paper with many more pictures that were not taken by the Free Press. 

  • Midland Council is close to enacting a comprehensive building standard to replace the outdated 1927 by-law. The Property Committee chaired by Charles Onley and another committee chaired by local construction engineer Ed Lawlor have created the new by-law. Draft calls for minimum lot size of 5,000 square feet, 50 x 100 foot lots and homes would not be permitted to cover more than one third of the lot. Approval of an 18 by 28 foot cottage in a new residential area of Eighth Street sparked the call for changes to the building by-law.
  • A large power outage was experienced by all of North Simcoe for half an hour Sunday night except Honey Harbour where a direct line was able to be maintained to the Big Chute power plant.
  • 1956 winners of the Midland Industrial Bowling League championship includes many still familiar names from Port McNicoll. Mike Ianosch, L. DiFranceso, Marino Saccutelli, Enzo De Cola, Victor De Cola, Frank Bottigoni, and Art Bell. Photo was by Rolfoto and is not in the museum collection.
  • Tadenac Club is posting its property North of Go Home Bay as trespassing on the 14 square miles of islands, main land and adjoining waters has been increasing. 
  • Playing at the Pen Theatre is “Gorilla at Large” with Ann Bancroft. [Sounds pretty silly but more believable than the Zombie movies of today.]
  • Midland Jaycees and Lions Club indicate that four years of losses on May 24th fireworks display cannot continue and this may be the last year for the popular event.
  • MPDHS Glee Club to present their spring concert at the new school Tuesday night directed by Alex Docherty. Piano duo of Catherine Richardson and John Arpin will present several selections. John is to audition for the Ed Sullivan Show June 5.
  • Midland Planing Mills Ltd. completes recent improvements to their showrooms. Still going strong the firm goes back to 1907 when Milton J. Bray and James A. Benson formed the firm of Benson & Bray located at the present site of the company. As business grew a new company was formed, Midland Wood Products, which built the large building along 4th Street that would later become the Fine Silk Mills, Bay Mills, TRW and now First for Safety and Home Design Center. In 1935 Milton Bray joined with Norman Playfair at the original site and son Frank Bray joined the firm, later Playfair’s interest was bought out. Hundreds of local people have been employed here in the last 110 years and business continues under the 4th generation of the Bray family.

5 thoughts on “Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – May 16th to 23rd 1956

  1. Interesting. The photo of the church parade indicates the procession started at
    St Margaret’s Church, yet we see them at King and Bay.

    Well done, and thanks

    • Bill, looking at the event in 1957 there are some shots of the forming up. It appears as thought the floats were set up on Hugel and the marchers on Dominion and then they proceeded down Third to Bay. May not have been exactly the same in 1956 but the caption in the newspaper in 1956 did say from St. Margaret’s. Thanks for following our blog, we appreciate all feedback. Tom Barber

    • Hello! Please contact our Curator, Genevieve Carter, at 705 526 2844. She is in Monday to Friday between 9 and 5. Thank you for thinking of Huronia Museum.

  2. Buzz Deschamps
    Thanks for the wonderful hockey memories
    It all all reminds me of the great life we had as kids
    Rev Self ( Little NHL ) founder gave us all a chance to chase our dreams

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