Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – May 24th to 31st 1956

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1994 0132 0069 Msgr Castex 85th Monsignor Castex celebrates his 60th anniversary in the priesthood. Over 100 clergy of the Roman Catholic Church attended. Most Rev. B. I. Webster, D.D. Bishop of Peterborough, Rt. Rev. J. M. Castex, James Cardinal McGuigan of Toronto and Rt. Rev. E. Brennan Toronto, toastmaster.

 1994 0132 0067 Msgr Castex 85 year old Monsignor Castex at a reception for his 60th Anniversary in the priesthood. Chatting with Crown Attorney Wm. Thompson, QC. (Monsignor Castex died in 1971 at age 99.)

1994 0132 0047 Foundry PartyMr. A. L. Fitzgerald’s retirement as superintendent of Beatty Bros. Foundry. Mr. Fitzgerald is speaking to Alf Atkins, on left, one of three men who were working at Beatty Bros. when Mr. Fitzgerald started 32 years ago. The other two were Jack Russell and Archie Cote.

2006 0020 2300 Girl Guide Cookies. Doreen Moreau, 2nd Midland Guides, Mrs. Thomas Shaughnessy district commissioner and Ann Davidson 3rd Midland Brownie Pack get ready for the annual event which takes place in Midland this Saturday.

 2006 0020 1845 Looking deserted because of the unseasonable weather is John Deako’s (Johnny fries) new park store at Little Lake. All cement block construction is a big improvement over the wooden booth that occupied the site for many years. Band shell in the background.

 2006 0020 2288 Seventy year old Mrs. Midas King was found by her son Clifford at Basswood Point on Gloucester Pool Channel early Sunday afternoon. Wet from the rain and wearing only her underclothes and no shoes she was found some eight air miles from her home, she had been missing for over 48 hours.

 2006 0020 2318 Searchers helping to locate Mrs. Midas King, nee Simons, near Honey Harbour over the weekend. Soldiers from Base Borden, local police, neighbours and relatives all tromped the wet bush between Honey Harbour and Gloucester Pool. Mrs. King had been spotted twice over the three days in the area of the new Trans Canada Highway and was finally found by her son Clifford near Gloucester Pool Channel. Andy Simons Mrs. Kings brother, Adam King, Mrs. Dave Tobey (a sister), Mrs. Violet Simons and Larry Simons.

 2006 0020 2285 Sixty-six members of the RCASC  (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps) School at Camp Borden regroup to resume the search for Mrs. Midas King along the route of the new Trans Canada Highway north of Port Severn.

 2006 0020 2279Excavator owned by contractor Thomas G. Wilcox & Sons loads waiting dump trucks as they prepare the site of the new municipal building on Dominion Ave.

 2006 0020 2461 Top athletes at MPDHS honoured at an awards banquet in the new cafeteria Thursday night. Marlene Gouett was the top girls athlete and Mel Windover the most valuable player on the senior boys basketball team.

 2006 0020 2295 Five MPDHS athletes receive their letter at the athletic dinner Thursday night. Letter awards are based on an accumulation of points over your high school career. Carol Cowan, Judy McIntyre, Frank Holmes, Bob Marshall and Bruce Calvert. Not present, Angela Cronin.

 2006 0020 2294 Donna Kinnear (Mrs. Jim Nicholson) receives the J. J. Robins trophy for competition between Georgian Bay Schools junior basketball teams from Mr. Robins the former MDHS principal. Donna is the captain of the Midland team which won this past season. Since first awarded in 1935-36 Midland has won it all but six times.

 2006 0020 2315 Result of a crash on Bay Street early Saturday morning, two identical model cars with near identical damage. Total cost was estimated at $1,400.00 by Midland police. 

  • Midland council OK’s $27,000.00 contract to repave Kings Street from the town limits to the CNR tracks; from King west on Yonge to Fifth; from King west on Bay to Fourth and thence north to the junction of Vinden Street and the county road. Brennan Paving Co. will begin immediately as they are now completing the paving of Highway 27 from Wyebridge to Elmvale.
  • Three seaman’s unions sign new wage agreement with the Lake Carriers Association after a nine day strike. 5,000 men are affected by the new agreement that sees the monthly rate for a deckhand go from $190 to $284.
  • Tourist promotion fizzles, 21 Midland merchants met a week ago and enthusiastically called for a promotion planning meeting Thursday morning but only four members showed up.
  • Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers members plant five thousand Scots Pine and one thousand permanent trees including Larch and White Pine on their new club site below the Martyr’s Shrine.
  • Tomato plants and a good selection of annuals for sale at Vivian Gardens, 365 Hugel Ave. W.
  • Waitresses wanted, both full time and summer help, Totem Pole, Penetang.
  • Last of a series of narratives written by Rev. James Evans, a Methodist missionary, 120 years ago. “Called to Council, the Ottawa’s and Chippewa’s , each of whom claimed the Munnedoolin Island, relinquished the same on condition that the Governor should secure it to both and their heirs forever. It was likewise proposed that the Chippewa’s from Saugeeng should relinquish all title to their extensive territory on Lake Huron, retaining only the peninsula between the said lake and the Georgian Bay, the line to commence at the bottom of Owen’s Sound and to extend directly across the peninsula. Thus the Indians again were removed from the spot to them dearest on earth and constrained to give place to those who, receiving greater encouragement, make consequently greater improvement.” Rev. James Evans took exception to a great many statements in Sir Francis Head’s official reports regarding these transactions and published a series of articles in the April 11 and May 9, 1838 issues of the Christian Guardian.
  • For the first time in the history of organized ski competitions in Canada, one club has been granted the Canadian Championship two years running. Midland Ski Resorts Limited will again host the Canadian ski jumping contests February 23 and 24, 1957.
  • Ten Years Ago – 1946- A Tiger Moth plane, en route from Oshawa to the Muskoka Airport, made a forced landing in the field back of Regent School; The Small Holdings Branch of the Department of Veterans Affairs announced the purchase of the 43 acre M. J. McCullough farm on Highway 12 (Yonge Street) west of Midland. The land was to sub-divided into 2 acre lots for a veteran’s housing development; Midland High School track star Doug Kettle captured three firsts in an Ontario Athletic Commission meet at Geneva Park, Orillia. With entry limited to three events, Doug chose high jump, running broad and hop step and jump, easily winning all three; The SS Capt. George Hindman ran aground on a sand bar at the entrance to Midland harbour; Henry Gauthier, 34 year old Penetang veteran, was appointed Indian agent at the Christian Island Reserve.
  • Cartoon section of this weeks paper includes Blondie, Muggs and Skeeter, Elsworth and POGO.
  • Over 400 attend the unveiling Sunday afternoon in Bradford the plaque honouring Prof. W. H. Day. originator of the Holland Marsh.
  • Midland Council orders dog catcher Jos. Proulx to crack down on dogs running loose. Any dog unclaimed within 24 hours will be destroyed.
  • Deaths on Simcoe County roads totalled 45 in 1955 and 1,111 provincially. (In 2015 there were 299 deaths on OPP patrolled roads in Ontario. There were 1.5 million vehicles registered in Ontario in 1955, in 2015 there were 11.5 million.)
  • Penetang Bottling Co. Ltd. announces the new “King-Size” bottle. King-Size, 6 bottles for 41 cents and Standard-Size, 6 bottles for 36 cents (plus deposit). Actual volume of the bottles is not given in the ad.
  • Boyce Garage at 190 Dominion Ave E. is advertising the new Studebaker models.
  • 87% of Ontario farms are served by electricity in 1956
  • Anthony Van Steedon, 41, captain of Toronto furrier Jack Creed’s luxury yacht drowns in the Haystack Rapids on the Musquosh River, local Capt. T. O. Light survives as their small boat capsizes.

One thought on “Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – May 24th to 31st 1956

  1. I so enjoy these columns – what marvelous hidden gems for folks doing family history research. The Simon / King woman’s story is sad; sounds like she must have had dementia or something similar, but it did have a happy ending. The Simon name is a familiar one in the Honey Harbour region – kin to the folks listed here (either grandparents or uncles / aunties etc) can be found in the cemetery on Beausoleil Island, and as residents on Christian Island in the late 19th century. Thanks again for all that you for this blog – it’s a great step back in time.

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