Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – June 8th to 15th 1956


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2006 0020 2861 While regular MPDHS students stayed home to prepare for exams, 243 public school pupils from the area visited the new school in Tay Township for orientation. Glendola Haliburton of Hillsdale tries her hand at the modern sewing machine in the home economics room while instructor Mrs. I. Rayner looks on. Watching are June Elliot of Parkview School, left, and Gail Brand of S.S. #8 Tay, Port Severn.

 2006 0020 2862 New instructor of instrumental music at MPDHS, W. A. “Bill” Bartlett explains the operation of the euphonium to local grade eight students during the recent orientation day at the new high school. Listening are Lynn Johnston, Regent School, Lois Cowan, Parkview, Yvonne Cheetham, Waubaushene and Ken Copeland, Hillsdale.

 2006 0020 2445 On the same orientation day Perkinsfield twins Lorraine and Ellen Lalonde enjoy lunch from their matching dinner pails. Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Herb Lalonde.

 2006 0020 2632 Grade eight students visit the shop area of the new MPDHS while on orientation day. R. C. (Dick) Moffatt, instructor, explains the use of a “Brake” to bend metal to Orland French, Waverly, and Maurice Dusome, Penetang Public School, both seated and Tom Smith, Moore’s Corner and Winston Gillespie, Regent School.

 2006 0020 2373 The Martyr’s Shrine has an extensive program to increase the natural beauty of their large property on the Wye River. William Doney, head gardener digs the holes while his assistant George Leduc transplants white lilies along a newly opened path. At 72 Mr. Donley was assistant head gardener at a large Cornwall, England estate before taking up farming in Saskatchewan forty years ago. After one year of retirement he took on the job at the Shrine. The men have 1,500 bedding plants to put out in the next two weeks.

 2006 0020 2368 Eight pound nine ounce pickerel, one of forty caught by Ted Holder,  pictured in the photo, Alex Smith and Harold Fox at the Port Severn lock last week using minnows. The men kept fourteen of the forty.

2006 0020 2436 Jim Stephenson, who this week opened Midland’s newest industry, Bay Meat Packers on William Street, is seen in his large walk-in cooler surrounded by pork carcasses and freshly strung sausage.

 2006 0020 4638

2006 0020 2440 Canadian Tire Store on Bay Street, built only a few years ago, has been completely remodeled to give a wide open effect on the display floor. Dave Finch, proprietor, checks fishing gear with manager Murray McComb.

 2006 0020 2441 Canadian Tire Store on Bay Street (north side of Bay between King and Midland Ave.) has been remodeled including the lawn and garden display. Vic Denise is seen arranging a display of the new style plastic garden hoses.

2006 0020 2439 Eight graduates of the citizenship classes sponsored by the MPDHS School Board and held at the YMCA are seen with two of their teachers. Six achieved marks between 95 and 99 percent in English and civics and the other two were over 90 percent. Front left, Mrs. D. H. Wray instructor, Mrs. Frans Wensven, Mrs. J. W. Smith instructor, Mrs. Paul Wittig, Mrs. Guenther Hille, back row, Horst Befort, Frans Wensven, Frank Van Putte, Paul Wittig and Guenther Hille. 

  • New Bank of Nova Scotia opens in Penetang June 11th on the site of the former Pen Bowling Alley.
  • J. S. Corcoran (Helen) was re-elected president of the Midland Home & School Association. She will be assisted by Mrs. Leonard Reynolds and Mrs. James Cowan.
  • Miss Barbara Hanes receives her nursing diploma from the RVH Nursing School in Barrie with a prize for the highest standard in bedside nursing. Iris Wilson and June Church, both of Midland, also graduated.
  • Eleven Cubs of the First Penetang Pack receive their first star and are considered to have “One eye open to wisdom”. Bill Robbins, Stephen Galt, David Hook, Harry O’Hearn, Donald Caughey, Rex Mason, Bob Binkley, Gary Bryant, Robert Larmand, Terry Lapere and Eddie Svoboda.
  • New vibrated cement blocks available at Penetang Concrete Products, Louis Gignac proprietor.
  • The old North Simcoe Baseball League disappeared from the sports picture at a meeting in Stayner Tuesday night. In its place, a Bruce League grouping will accommodate the Midland Indians, the lone survivor of the North Simcoe.
  • Delawana Center books seven conventions this summer.
  • Retreads by Gammon’s Tire Shop, 189 Dominion Ave, phone 1740.
  • Midlanders to use old phone books until dial system comes on line in July, other areas in the same book such as Barrie and Collingwood have the new book already.
  • The Phys-Ed department at MPDHS announced that participants in their programs will need to refrain from smoking entirely during the playing season. They are prepared to withdraw their teams from competition if needed.
  • Pepsi-Cola Canada has a full page ad thanking Midland and district for making their product the fastest growing beverage in Canada. Ad was placed by the Hinds Beverage Company Orillia.
  • National Employment Service office manager at Midland, Harold Humphries told this newspaper he has 40 unfilled jobs in applications from local employers and doesn’t know how they will be filled.
  • Three and a half year old Stewart Duncan, son of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Duncan, Midland Ave., is listed in satisfactory condition after being run over by a car on King Street and suffering multiple chest and head injuries.
  • Penetang Tourist Information booth moved to a new site at the entrance to town near the Penetang Bottling Company.
  • Expect 1,000 attendees at annual Alcoholics Anonymous picnic to be hosted by the Midland chapter and held for the ninth time at Little Lake Park.
  • Pete Lepage’s Eighty-Eight is almost ready to begin another season among the 30,000 Islands and features many improvements made over the winter.
  • Fifth drowning victim in the area and only the middle of June; 9 year old boys drowns in a pond near Waverly, two boys drowned in the open bay off Tiny Twp, one man drowned at the Musquosh River and another in Orr Lake.
  • Peggy Turcotte, nee Watson, wins award as a top ornamental swimmer in Toronto. Peggy holds swimming instructor certification and a silver medal in lifesaving.
  • TEN YEARS AGO THIS WEEK JUNE 1946 — Mayor William Thompson of Penetang informed council that considerable headway had been made with the Wartime Housing Corporation for the erection of 30 houses in Penetang, each to cost about $4,000.00. — Fuel dealers in Midland & Penetang were stock-piling wood for winter use as coal supplies from the United States appeared uncertain. — Citizens of North Simcoe communities were making a concerted drive for clothing, to be sent to destitute people in Europe.–  An estimated $1,000.00 in cash and postal orders was stolen from the Elmvale Post Office.
  • An incensed gardener in Flos shoots three of his neighbours cattle after months of trying to stop them from entering his property. Fined $100.00.
  • Items from the Midland Public Schools Board monthly meeting; resignation of Alex Docherty accepted with regret, accounts totalling $14, 724.56 were ordered paid, truant officer was called once to Sixth Street School, twice to Parkview and nine times to Regent in the previous month, Parkview principal James Robinson was authorized to purchase two new radio record layers at a cost of $100.00, Fenton’s Welding were contracted to supply three 30 foot flagpoles at a cost of $208.35 and Don Brickett of Parry Sound and Leslie Davidson of RR 2 Midland were officially engaged on the full time teaching staff.
  • Victoria Harbour staff removed two fences along the public beach at Robbins Point Friday morning as directed by council, Friday afternoon they were back up, Sunday afternoon a group of irate citizens again removed them.
  • Embassy Theatre in Coldwater closes.
  • Auto Races every Saturday night under the lights at Wasaga Beach Speedway
  • Harbourmaster D. G. Hewis told this paper that the scheduled visit next Tuesday of the U.S. cruise ship North American had been cancelled.

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