Looking for Identification – Christian Island

Our Curator has been spending some time trying to identify individuals and places in the photographs here at the Museum. This photo is one of my favourites. We are looking for names to go with the numbers. If you can help please send us a message.
(If you share please use the link to our site when you do so! Thank you!)


1.Faith Marsden
2.Diane Monague
3. Lenegene Hawke- Berger
4. Judith Monague-Jamieson
5.Rodney Monague
6.Torrence Monague
7. Calvin Sunday
8.Bennett Smith
9. Manley Smith
10.Alfred King
11.Francis Sandy
12. Mr. Hartman​ (Professor)
13.Leonard Monague

Thanks to the Christian Islanders who helped out rather quickly this afternoon!
1994 0067 F copy.jpg

6 thoughts on “Looking for Identification – Christian Island

      • Thanks, Natalie. It was correct in my original post, and in the email, I sent to the curator. I unfortunately copied and pasted a later post not realizing that the Smiths were changed to Sunday.
        I have since switched it back.

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