Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years ago in North Simcoe – September 24th to 30th, 1956

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2006-0020-2639 Busiest men in Elmvale this week were R. W. Bertram, fall fair president and his secretary, J. A. Robertson. The fair was deemed a success despite the weather. Another sour note was the refusal by the musicians union to allow the army band from Camp Borden to participate in the parade.

 2006-0020-2604 Three members of the Elmvale 4-H Calf Club are seen with their prize-winning dairy calves at the Elmvale Fall Fair. Calder Hunter, left, had the best calf and placed second in showmanship, Barbara Strath had the third place calf but placed first in showmanship and Donald Palmer took second with his calf and third on showmanship.

 2006-0020-2606 Judged the best float entered by a one room school at the Elmvale Fall Fair was the one from SS #8, Flos. Taking care of Humpty are Eelke Tjweedsma, Jackie Thurlow and Earl Cooper.

 2006-0020-2846 One of the best school fairs in Simcoe County is the one held in conjunction with the Elmvale Fair. First prize for public school float was won by Elmvale Public School. Melodie Ritchie, 6, was Little Miss Muffet.

 2006-0020-2601 Another fine float entered by Waverly Public School had little Debbie Currie, 5, as queen of the fair.

 2006-0020-2603 2006-0020-2607 Elmvale main street during fall fair parade, school children, SS #15  Gibson float and marchers.

 2006-0020-2608 Sheaves of golden grain such as this one displayed at the Tiny-Tay Fair are a rarity this year as rain has spoiled many of the field crops in Ontario. Dale Jackson, right,  and Gail Morden of Midland are seen looking at the prize-winning sheave.

 2006-0020-2614 A large group of public school children pictured at the ball diamond during the Midland Fall Fair.

 2006-0020-2871Community Concert Association officials pictured  at their campaign dinner in the YMCA Monday night are, seated, Mrs. (Art) A. H. Tweedle and Mrs. (Bill) W. E. Hannah (Joan), standing, J. Stuart Nall, Mrs. Ken J. Ellis and president Charles E. Onley.

2006-0020-2585Local contractor Tom Laidlaw removes the bell tower from the Salvation Army Citadel on Dominion Ave. The tower was a prominent part of the second Baptist Church in Midland when it was dedicated in 1899. It was acquired by the Salvation Army when a new Baptist church was purchased on Midland Ave. from the Methodist congregation who had moved into their new church on King Street in 1902.

 2006-0020-2595 Held up for nearly a week due to inclement weather, the first track meet on the new MPDHS grounds was held Tuesday. Helping to keep things on schedule and recording the results are Dean Nicholls, Doug Swales and John Dalrymple.

 2006-0020-2637 2006-0020-2638Diesel locomotives in Port McNicoll to test the trestle. Steam is being replaced by diesel across the CPR, Port will be the last place in Ontario to use regularly assigned steam locomotives. The scene is beside the coal chute in the Port McNicoll yard. Officials were concerned about the weight of the engines affecting the trestle, their combined weight was 518,000 pounds. The first train pulled across the 2,740 foot long trestle by diesels contained 63 loads of grain bound for the East Coast.

 2006-0020-1945T.  A. “Bert” Armstrong is the new man in charge at the CPR elevator in Port McNicoll. Bert takes over from J. B. Winfield who died last July. Well known in sporting circles in Midland and area, Bert has been a local resident since he was eight years old and started his CPR career in 1926. 

  • Marino Construction Co. Ltd. of Toronto has been awarded a town contract to install sewers, water mains and roads in the Ward Four Beauchamp subdivision, work to be completed by November 23rd. The $48,664.00 contract is for the southern section of the subdivision where several homes are already under construction, the land is largely owned by Ernest Leitz Co. and H. J. Beauchamp. Mr. Marino owns considerable property in Midland.
  • Earliest snow in 116 years whitens North Simcoe Thursday evening but the Collingwood – Orangeville area received four to six inches.
  • Huronia Museum, after a successful season with 12,000 visitors, will close on September 30th, announced curator A. D. Tushingham.
  • Thirteen year old Elmvale lad killed in an accident with the family farm tractor he was driving to Wyevale School to pull their fall fair float. Trustees cancelled fair plans and the school was closed until after the funeral.
  • Kiddies pure nylon snow suits, quilted lining, regular $6.00, special sale $3.99, Cross Country Cut Rate Ltd. King Street.
  • Imported Dutch bulbs, .69 cents per dozen or $5.50 per hundred at Mac Perrin’s Flower Shop, King Street opposite the Post Office.
  • PMCL offering Autumn Color Tour to Algonquin Park this Sunday.
  • Public Notice, Town of Midland proposes a by-law to close Lilly and Ella Streets in the town of Midland and those affected will be heard at a council meeting to be held on October 15th. [Ella & Lilly ran parallel between Railway and Center Streets, the current site of Midland’s Water & Waste Water Treatment Center.]
  • More than 100 local residents motored to Toronto on Sunday to attend the mass rally of more than 12,000 Anglicans at Maple Leaf Gardens.
  • Footings were poured for a new curling rink in Elmvale, located west of the Memorial Arena.
  • Captain D’Alton Hudson to bring his 400th cargo into the port of Goderich this week. His first was back in 1918.
  • MPDHS board anticipates a record crowd for the official opening of the new high school on Wednesday evening.
  • Penetang’s population according to the recent census is 5,317 which includes 600 persons at the Ontario Hospital.
  • J. A. Gervais, Department of Transport inspector and son of Mrs. C. W. Gervais of Waubaushene, has been in town recently logging the geographical location of each radio transmitting station. The four stations in Midland not including the Marconi Wireless station are; Georgian Bay Airways, Deluxe Taxi, Wilson Taxi and the Town of Midland.
  • According to Gregory Clark, noted author, the best paddles and oars made anywhere along Georgian Bay, are fashioned in the Penetang workshop of Levi Simon, formerly of Christian Island. “They are worth twice what he asks for them.”
  • Walpole Island, Island 41 in Six Mile Lake, to be sold at public auction to recover tax arrears of $27.90.
  • Wednesday night was moving night for five bowling alleys for the new Knights of Columbus Hall in Penetang. Stored since last winter, the heavy, cumbersome alleys were carried nearly a block by seventy volunteers. A sixth alley is on order from a supplier.
  • Ten shippers were forbidden to ship milk and 15 others warned after a series of tests by Simcoe County Health Unit officials found the milk to be low-grade. Main cause was found to be faulty cooling and improper care of milking machines.
  • Weddings;  Margaret Dundas, daughter of Earl Dundas, Wyebridge and Morley Marchant, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Marchant, RR 1 Midland, at St. Mark’s. Theresa Lalonde, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herb Lalonde, Perkinsfield and Herman Quesnelle, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Quesnelle at St. Patrick’s. Ida Gillespie, daughter of Mrs. Stella Gillespie and John Evans Gardner Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. (Chris) Gardner, Midland, at Knox. Betty Beausoleil, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clement Beausoleil, Penetang, and Marcel Bidan, adopted son of Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Grenier, Tiny Twp., at St. Ann’s. Rena Merle Wilson of Midland and John Horace Bell of Waubaushene were married in a quiet ceremony at St. Paul’s. Marlene Marie Paradis, second daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Felix Paradis, Penetang and Paul Marson, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Marson, Toronto, at St. Ann’s.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Elmvale still has a parade with the school children. It’s amazing how the whole town gets out to support the children . I believe the parade is this Friday . Hope to attend.

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