Huronia Museum – Looking Back 60 Years Ago in North Simcoe – December 8th to 21st

Click on Photos to Enlarge 2006-0020-2995  Mrs. John Hare, left, who celebrated her 93rd birthday November 25th, looks at pictures of her two great-great grandchildren with her daughter Mrs. R. J. Wilson of Waubaushene. Born four years before Confederation, Mrs. Hare had lived in Midland for almost 50 years before moving to Coldwater to live with her daughter. Married at 16 to John Hare, 19,  the couple moved to Midland where John managed a brick yard, helped build the Aberdeen Elevator and continued to  work there for several years, he also served on the Midland Police Force before his death in 1928. Of the thirteen children born to the Hares only three daughters and one son are still living.

 2006-0020-3007 Over 200 years of service to the CPR and its steamship service is represented in this picture taken aboard the S.S. Assinaboia at a dinner marking the retirement of Capt. Joseph Stewart Friday night. Front, Capt. Frank Davis, 83 and retired 18 years from Toronto; Capt. Stewart; S. H. Binns retired locomotive foreman for the Ontario Division, Toronto; back row, Tom Morgan, Port McNicoll, retired chief clerk; Louis Belanger, retired first mate; W. S. Struthers of Midland, who retired recently after 36 years, many as a chief engineer; W. A. Piitz, Penetang, retired first mate with 35 years of service. 

 2006-0020-6167 Five day trip from Toronto to Port McNicoll turns into a twenty-one day adventure as these two tugs encountered bad weather. The tug “Sipat” under the command of Capt. C. Courtemarche of Midland left Toronto Nov 16th with the much larger tug David Richard in tow. The 130 foot “David Richard”, was once used to maintain navigational aids in the area and was called the “Murray Stewart”. The big tug is owned by the Waubaushene Navigation Co. and was manned by two employees, Leo Montgomery and Joe Brousseau. At one point on Lake St. Clair sixty mile per hour winds broke both tow cables. On Lake Huron more high winds caused a 12 ton winch to break loose on the David Richard. On Monday the big tug was moved to the Midland Shipyards where cranes removed equipment to make room for a new diesel engine to be installed at Waubaushene over the winter months.

 2006-0020-2983 Three members of the Midland Lion’s Club are seen in Gord Boyd’s basement refurbishing and sorting toys for distribution throughout the area at Christmas. Gordon Boyd, Cec Launder and Gordon Paice.

 2006-0020-2982 More Midland Lions repairing toys for Christmas. Jack Frame, Harold McAllen and Charlie Rutherford.

 2006-0020-1760 Dec 24th 1956, the Midland Penetang Advisory Committee of the CNIB Christmas party was held at the Midland YMCA,  Mel Lavigne with the fiddle and Bill Jivcoff. Pianist Ab Clarke is hidden. They all donated their time.

 2006-0020-2970 Appropriately dressed, Glen Nicholls reads from the works of Robert Service at a special assembly at MPDHS Thursday morning. Students of 12B acted out the Shooting of Dan McGrew.

 2006-0020-3025 Cecil Parker, deputy Reeve of Tay Township, was instantly killed Friday night when his car slammed broadside into a tree on Highway 27. The accident happened on the first curve north of Waverly and a blown right front tire is suspected. The picture taken at Carruthers Garage in Wyebridge.

 2006-0020-29712006-0020-2969 Industrial Safety in Ontario was the subject under discussion at an oratorical contest held Thursday morning at MPDHS. In the top photo the judges are Gordon Moss of Canadian Nameplate, Jan Ulrichson and Bryce Moffatt of Penetang. In the bottom photo are the judged, Hartmut Bezner, Sylvia Silvie the winner and Glen Mount.

 2006-0020-2972 Children of St. Paul’s United Church, Midland, on Sunday combined with the adult congregation for the annual white gift service. Here Brian Gazley, son of Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Gazley, deposits his white gift while Peggy Bray, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bray, and Gudrun Mandler, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Walter Mandler, await their turn. Manger scene was erected by Florence Broad, Gladys Robinson, and R. W. Irwin. Lambs were made about two years ago by the late Mrs. Walter Auld. Yuletide decorations at the King Street entrance were installed by Len Martin, Alex Ayers, Don Edwards, Watson Battrick and Woodrow McConnell.

 2006-0020-2980 Five hundred Midland and Penetang youth wait eagerly every year for the Little Hockey League to open for the season. Typical age and size of the three groups are; John Argue, Toronto Leafs; Jerry Beteau, AHL Hershey Bears and Earl Scott, a whirlwind on skates for the Junior OHA Marlboros.

 2006-0020-2984 Woodcarving has proven an entertaining hobby for Frank Shulman of Midland, owner of Shulman’s Furniture. Here he is seen with three statues he created.

 2006-0020-2976 Coldwater Santa Claus parade December 1956. Jovial Lloyd Letherby, MPP for Simcoe East takes a back seat to Santa. 

  • Seventy-one year old town employee Joseph Chapman killed by fall from sanding truck. (we older Midlanders will remember when two men stood in the back of a dump truck and shovelled sand into a spreader towed behind the truck) Mr. Chapman and Sam Butineau had just finished sanding Bay Street, the truck, driven by Herman Latanville,  had turned around in the Nameplate parking lot and was crossing the double tracks when Mr. Chapman fell. The men had finished sanding and were standing against the back of the truck cab. Several witnesses at the inquest confirmed that the truck was moving very slowly over the tracks. The only recommendation made was for the provision of hand rails in the truck box.
  • Monsignor Castex lays the corner stone for the new Knights of Columbus Hall in Penetang Sunday afternoon.
  • District Knights of Columbus donate a life-sized nativity scene to the Victoria Harbour Knights to be erected in the village.
  • Many Penetang stores to remain open until 9 p.m. Christmas Eve.
  • The United States paid Russia $7,200.00 for Alaska in 1867, the equivalent of two cents an acre.
  • Cumming and Nicholson are selling the “Desert Boots”, $7.95 to $12.95 per pair.
  • Port McNicoll council ends the year with a $6,000.00 current surplus, consider purchasing a new fire truck for the village. Also recommended by the Reeve was a small loader, “no one likes loading gravel by hand anymore” he said. Reeve Calvert pointed out that only $16,000.00 of local taxes are available to council, the rest goes to the County, education and other costs.
  • Former Midlander Bob Vanstone is playing bit parts in a million dollar movie being made on a 120 acre estate 25 miles from Toronto. The TV serial movie is “The Last of the Mohicans”.
  • The PUC’s plan to test Little Lakes ability to supply a million gallons of water a day to cost over $100,000.00.
  • Waubaushene father of three, George Allan Fallowfield, was killed in a tree felling accident Wednesday morning. The tree he cut struck a smaller one that was rotten part way up, the top fell striking him on the head.
  • Four young men, one local, are sentenced to four years in prison for indecently assaulting a 16 year old girl at a house party. The judge also ordered that each should be given three lashes three times during their imprisonment.
  • S.S. Assiniboia and S.S. Keewatin tie up after another season. S. F. Malin, steamship superintendent, said the two boats carried 10,563 passengers this year, an increase of 141 over the previous year. The ships also carried 125,000 tons of cargo, up more than 2,500 tons over 1955.
  • Victoria Harbour councillor Edmund Walker died in Penetanguishene General Hospital Wednesday morning, he was 66. Mr. Walker, who was retired, was formerly the owner of the Victoria Harbour Dairy.
  • Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario is celebrating 50 years of supplying power to Ontario. The first hydro power was turned on at Berlin on October 11, 1910. Niagara power was delivered in 1911 to Midland and Penetang who were 25th and 26th to receive hydro in Ontario. The hydro commissions first new build was opened at Wasdell Falls on the Severn River in October of 1914. The Big Chute station, also on the Severn, was built in 1909 by the Simcoe Railway & Power Company and purchased by the HEPCO in 1914. (Renamed “Ontario Hydro” in 1974)
  • Arrangements have been made for a 40 member choir from Regent and Parkview schools to sing carols at the hospital. The public school board expressed their gratitude to Laval Dubeau for offering free bus transportation for the choir.
  • Major fire in Wasaga Beach destroys part of the municipal building, including the fire hall and police station. (Midland would follow in a few years when their municipal building and fire hall burnt)
  • Sixteen freighters are wintering, eleven in Midland, five in Port McNicoll, as the navigation season closes. This represents over five million bushels of wheat to be unloaded over the winter months. Last winter there were twenty two vessels but some were barges and tugs.
  • Meredith Wilson announces that Wilson’s Taxi has been purchased by Joe Lavechia.
  • Christmas turkeys are selling for 38 cents per pound.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wally Hook wish to announce the birth of their daughter Wendy on November 29th.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Shaw announce the engagement of their daughter Shirley Elizabeth to William Gordon Wallace, only son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Wallace.
  • Second annual ski school will be conducted at the Midland Ski Club by Budd Watson December 26th to 29th.
  • Milk customers of Armstrong’s Dairy, Dubbin’s Dairy and Jone’s Farm Dairy are reminded there is no milk delivery December 25th or 26th and January 1st and 2nd.
  • John Diefenbaker to lead the Conservative Party.
  • “Twirp Season” is in full swing at MPDHS according to the Hi-Sterics column and Kay and Elaine. TWIRP stands for “The woman is requested to pay”.
  • In 1955 the annual average Canadian income went up 8% to $4,460.00.
  • Land swap, the town of Midland has received a triangular parcel of land east of Olive Street and five acres of property on the northeast corner of Vinden & Fifth Street. The CNR in exchange is getting a strip of land lying south of their right of way near Manley Street. (In 1956 Manley Street is still being spelled in honour of its namesake, Manley Chew)
  • At The Roxy –  Walt Disney’s “Song of the South”
  • Do you remember? McGuire’s Furniture, Simcoe St., Penetang –  Zoschke Footwear, Simcoe St., Penetang  –  Singer Sewing Center, King St.  –  Morrison’s Rexall Drugs, Main St., Penetang  –  Sushan Custom Furs, King St.  –  MacNeil Motors, Vinden St.  –  Harrison Iron Works, 180 Manley St.  –  Blondin Sales & Service, 102 Robert St. W.  –  Onley & Haig Barristers, 217 King St.  –  Household Finance, 222 King St.  –  The Wool Shop, 307 King St.  –  The Grigg Co., King St.  –  Flos Hatland, 217 Hugel Ave. W.  –  Del Hastings Men’s Wear, 276 King St.  –  Gignac’s Children’s Wear, Penetang  –  Economy Stores, Main St., Penetang  –  Walter Woods Shoe Store, 277 King St.  –  Roebucks, King St.  –  Peoples Store, King St.  –  Dunlops of Moonstone  –  Meads, Penetang  –  Sally Shops, 265 King St.  –  Marchildon Hardware, Lafontaine  –  Hollister Sporting Goods, Penetang  –  Maher Shoe Store, Penetang  –  Struther’s Drugs, King St.  –  Graham Swales Men’s Wear, Midland  –  O’Leary’s Fashions, Main St., Penetang  –  Hartman’s Hardware, 258 King St.  –  Central Shoe Repair, Jack Martin, Midland  –  McNamara Food Market, Penetang  –  Harvey Ellison Limited, 259 King St.  –  Ted Lounsbery Men’s Wear, 285 King St.  –  Fenton’s Welding, Midland  –  Eleithia Shoppe, King St.  –  Jim Crawford Men’s Wear, King St.  –  Eisenberg’s Radio & TV, Main St., Penetang  –  Livingston Men’s Wear, 201 King St.  –  To Name A Few.

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  1. What a great synopsis of our life and times in the ’50s. It was great to look back at those times and remember those who had an influence on our life growing up in Midland and area.

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