Day Three

This is my third attempt at a historical photo every day until the Port McNicoll 100th Anniversary Celebrations.
This is 4tth Ave in 1911. Beaty’s Drug Store is nearest Main (Talbot) Street. The awning above Mr.and Mrs Beaty reads Souvunirs and Tobacos. The ads on the southern wall are for Na-Dru-Co toothpaste, produced by the National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada and Dante’s Inferno, a silent movie made in Italy, which we can assume was playing at the movie theatre in town. Scott Garrett has previously noted that the theatre was called The globe, perhaps this was an earlier incarnation?
I have included a link to Dante’s Inferno below. It is the worlds oldest surviving feature film.
The Elmhurst Shoe Store is seen with Mr. Elmhurst standing in the doorway. A large black boot hangs over the door to help lure those who didn’t read English.
Please don’t hesitate to suggest corrections or additional information.
Photo courtesy of the Huronia

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