School Days 9 – 6 to go!

Nothing denotes the end of the school year like the spring concert. It was a wonderful way for a small community to celebrate the end of the school year. In 1958 the spring concert at Port McNicoll Public School was held on May 27th and this very cute photo was published one week later on the fourth of June. It appeared on page five of the Free Press. The caption is below the photo.

2006 0020 4512.JPG

Poised and ready to make music are these Grade 1 pupils of Port McNicoll Public School. Taking part in the spring concert last Tuesday night were; Gerry Garrett, Norma Valcheff and Marty Smith

School Days 8

This photo was taken in the second floor auditorium at an event for the young ladies of the senior classes to show off their newly learned skills to mom. It appeared on page 12 of the May 14th, 1958 edition of the Free Press.

Any help with first names of the women in the photo would be much appreciated. The caption is below the photo.2006 0020 4463 - Copy.JPG

Girls of Port McNicoll Public School were hosts to the mothers at a tea Friday afternoon. Left to right are Mrs. W. R. Elliott, her daughter Helen, Marlene Loney (serving), Mrs. John Hartford, and Mrs. Wm. Tunnock, Helen’s grandmother.

School Days 7

This photo is a companion to the one shown in School Days 5 – with Molly Malone and her mother, Virgie. Both photos appeared in the County Herald, each on page 1 of the May 4th, 1956 edition.

The Clifford family lived on the southwest corner of  8th Avenue and Nottingham Street. Harold had two sisters, Catherine and Mary.  Any additional information would be appreciated, including Mrs.Clifford’s first name. The caption is below the picture. Corrected with assistance from Brain Garrett, Thank you!

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Parents turned out in large numbers for the “open house” at the public school in Port McNicoll. Harold Clifford (Butch) a grade 8 student show his mother Mrs. Harry Clifford the fine lamp he has made. Principal Lyall Thorpe on the left.